Ding, Level 20!

Ding, level 20! Which meant of course it was time for Tashia (the warlock pictured above of course) to quest for her new succubus pet. Call me weird, but I love the whip cracking sound that this pet makes. It’s just amusing to me. Zokor hit 19, and we’re making pretty good progress (for us at least) about a level an evening (we play for roughly 2-3 hours a night if that) a little more on weekends. Gozad and Zevad hit 15 and 19, and decided to do an instance last night. The name escapes me but it’s that one in Ogrimmar. RFK I believe (which stands for something that I’m not even sure of). They both had a good time (from what I know) even though they had to do it without my uberness. This weekend I want to try to get a wailing caverns group going, we’ll see how that goes.

One thing I like about World of Warcraft (but it also adds to the ‘ease’ of the game) is that my level 33 can group up with lower members just fine, and help them do their quests. They’ll also still get experience, granted it’s reduced due to the higher level member in the group. It’s still nice. Especially since (until people reach the levels of my priest) we have no healers in guild. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just ticking down time until I play mine. Itching for it, actually.

I’d originally gotten the succubus pet from Silvermoon City, however after checking Thottbot, it was apparent that if I was looking for the easiest one (and hey, lets face it, who isn’t) that I’d be better off to head to Orgimmar and do the one offered there. The quest was easy enough, a chain of 8 quests, mostly running around the Barrens and Stonetalon. Stonetalon was Zokor and my first time into contested territory since we’d started playing the game, and I gave him a few tips and pointers that I use for world pvp (which there is not enough of, I love pvp, I hate battle grounds though. I’d much rather world pvp constantly.. STV anyone?) not that we ran into anyone. We kept close to the Barrens area anyhow, as my quest wasn’t leading us too far.

An hour or so later, and I managed to get my new pet, as well as a 12 slot gem bag, which will be hugely appreciated. I was using an 8 slot bag and trying to keep at least 10 gems on me at all time. I got a summon spell, which will be nice when instances are running and if a member is further away (though there’s always those port stones I suppose, their names escape me). I love soul stones, that let me put a revive spell on people. Comes in handy for Zokor, so he can revive himself and then (good ‘ol paladins with rez) can revive me afterwards (If I’ve happened to die.. which does happen!)

Other then that, it was a quiet evening. I’m still loving the relaxed atmosphere and low pressure gaming. Tomorrow at 6EST I’ll be in Vanguard running my scavenger hunt event which should be fun. Lots of prizes for people and a good opportunity for Safe Haven to get to know their fellow guild mates even better.

Safe travels no matter which realm you find yourself in!

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