Slowly Settling

Last night was day two on Uther, and it went pretty well. After deciding to settle there for good, my small group of friends decided to make more ‘permanent’ characters. The previous paladin on Ravenholdt made a warrior on Uther, Daegon. The hunter on Ravenholdt decided that he already had enough alts on Uther, and would wait for us to catch up. I believe with a 15 druid, though he has a paladin, warlock, and rogue as well. I’ve probably forgotten some alts. Mayadhros I looked for in game last night, but missed since I didn’t know his character name. Hopefully we can all meet up, I’ve emailed a channel name to him so we can chatter through that if nothing else. We’ve decided to hold off on the Safe Haven guild tag for now, to get some levels. The guild of course is already well established, and myself at least would feel exceptionally newb-ish and I’d rather get a few levels first.

I started out playing a draenei hunter, and then by the end of the night decided that will be my ‘fun’ ‘farm’ character (like always) and decided to try out a shaman. Now, I know shaman in World of Warcraft (in the past at least, no idea if it still holds true for today) have always been over powered. I know that a LOT of people play them for this reason. I’ve never played one beyond level 6 before though, ever. So it’s a nice change for me. I like the idea of totems, and the lore behind the class itself. I made a draenei and slowly made my way from Azuremyst Isle, to Dun Algaz, and onward to the dwarven starting area. So I’m set to begin questing there tonight when we all start playing.

I also moved my 44 priest, Ysandria (renamed from Stargrace since that was taken) over. She brought with her items that I’d had stashed away for over a year now, and promptly stuck them on the broker making a few gold. I also sent over a bunch of bags for alts which is fantastic. The typical 8 slot bags I’m used to just don’t cut it any more.

So far the shaman is a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know very much about them, I have never seen their talent tree before and I don’t have the vaguest idea what to go down once I hit 10. I like that aspect. I’ve said this a few times now, WoW may be the ‘constant’ mmo out there along with EQ2 and a few others, but it’s the one game I’ve never really delved into. I’ve owned it since release, and played off and on, but never made it past level 47 before. I’ve never raided, I’ve done some pvp, but that’s where my experiences with the game end. So playing it casually with a few good friends has been a nice change, and I stress the ‘few good friends’ part, because if it wasn’t for Gozad, Growlius, and Mayahdros, I wouldn’t be playing. I don’t have too much interest in AoC at all, but I am looking forward to WAR, if for nothing else then to play a new game. I’m hoping to stick with WoW until then, but we’ll see how it goes since I’m notorious for switching games quite frequently. EQ1 was the only game I stuck with for a year and a half, until EQ2 came out (and then WoW shortly after) and I’ve flip-flopped between games ever since. I’m not exactly a veteran gamer, I’ve been playing EQ2/WoW since release, I only played a year and a half of EQ1, I played MUDS before that (specifically Redemption) and  aside from the Sims, I’ve never been one for console games either. I’ve met a lot of fantastic friends along the way. Which leads me to my next post.

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