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Daegon and Minxes managed to both hit level 9 last night (and Minxes level 10 so that she can do her shaman quest.. which lead me all the way back to Azuremyst Isle.. annoying) and we had a blast doing it. There’s something to be said for experiencing new leveling zones that neither of us have spent any time in. Gozad created himself another hunter, and Mayadhros is now playing Rumorr, a druid. So that brings our little group of adventurers to: Warrior, Shaman, druid, and hunter. None of us have joined a guild yet, as we want to get a better feel for the game / our class and then we’ll probably join the WoW Safe Haven branch that’s on Uther.

One thing I’ve noticed (and this goes for most games) is that the starter areas for “old” races are not nearly as exciting nor do they pay as well as the “new” races. Specifically the blood elves and Draenei. I think it would be nice if any time a new starter was introduced, they (devs) also revamped the old starters, to be more in alignment. In Azuremyst Isle I’d be making 20-30s per quest at this level, where as in the dwarven starter I’m barely making 1s25c. Not that it’s a huge deal, but even little things like that make a difference to a new player.

I think we’re headed to Gholdshire (I probably spelled that wrong) tonight, so that we can all meet up and quest some place. I remember my humans starting out around that area, and it’s always fun to play with friends. I love the instance that’s out that way as well, and if I recall correctly, in a few more levels (18?) we’ll be able to snag the quests for that and get ourselves some pretties as well. I didn’t play for very long yesterday, but I did put more items up for sale on the 44 priest. She’s sitting on 170g now, and already has her mount, so I’m pleased about that. I know the level 60 mount is around 700g so eventually I’ll have to start saving for that. I already told Daegon that I’d pay for his mount for him if he wanted when he hit level 40. He’s not typically a crafter or a farmer of any sort, and I like to help my friends out. If I get enough coin I’ll more then likely offer the same deal to Gozad and Rumorr.

Other then that, and figuring out what everyone wants to do as far as crafting goes (I’ve got tailoring and enchanting, and I’m not sure what everyone else is doing yet) things have been blissfully quiet. Exactly the way I like it.

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