It’s The Weekend!

The weekend is half over now, and it’s been a lot of fun. Saturday I spent some time adventuring (and shopping) and I think I managed to get to level 14 in the afternoon. That evening I decided in lieu of my birthday (which is tomorrow) I’d have a few drinks. Apparently it was amusing, I was on ventrillo with Daegon and Gozad, Rumorr around for the first portion. We continued to quest (from what I remember, which is scare few details) and I believe by the end of the evening were half way through level 15. I stumbled to bed some time (I can’t recall when) after training my level 14 skills. This I found out second hand from group members. It involved liver dances (and song?) charging camps (which is something I rarely do) and just a plain ‘ol good time, had by all.

Today (after a lot of water, and some complaints about why the sun had to be so dang bright in the mornings) I took care of my real life chores and then started doing a few quests in the afternoon. Daegon and Minxes (my shaman) managed to take a hold of level 16, and Gozad hit 15. Our travels took us to Redridge, which is actually one of my least favorite zones. I typically hang out in Darkshore until 20 or so, and then move on from there. Having a good bunch of people around though makes a difference, and it’s bearable this time around.

I also managed to hit level 49 on my hunter, which came as a huge surprise. That’s two levels this weekend without me even trying to. I got myself familiar with older quests I’d had stashed away (and a few walk throughs since I’d forgotten where I even got the quests from) and spent a lot of time in Feralas. One of my favorite zones by far. I’ve spent so many hours in that area. Harvesting leather, and killing for general experience and loot. After I cleared out my Feralas quests I flew down to Tanaris and picked up more quests. Some where of course already green, but experience is experience, and what better way for me to learn the lands (again). I had a lot of fun just roaming around, without the pressure of pvp. It’s certainly a different experience. I’d been lurking around on pathways just out of habit. The relaxed atmosphere is doing me good though I think. Skaara (from Vanguard) also decided to show up on Uther, as a warrior. I’m not sure if he wants to keep playing or not, but he mentioned needing a break from VG, and that’s where he ended up. It was great to see him of course.

Rumorr spoke of moving his paladin over, which I encouraged mostly because I know he feels ‘left behind’ with his lack of play time. Not his fault he has more of a life then all of us, family obviously comes first. Plus just by the way he spoke about the paladin, it seemed as though he’d be happier playing that (verses the druid he’s currently playing). We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed adventuring no matter the realm!

4 Responses to It’s The Weekend!

  1. Tipa says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Mayadhros says:

    Paladins rule! Will have to wait till I get paid, when I get my meager allowance :>

  3. Cordanim says:

    OK, well I’ll probably get busy at work in the morning and forget, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mythokia says:

    Happy birthday! Because in the world of the future, and I live there, it’s your birthday already!

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