Ding 27! (IRL Omg..)

Ok so the title is lame, I thought it was pretty cute. Last night Daegon and Gozad managed to cling to 18 and I took them through Deadmines on the 49 hunter for quest updates. Minxes is a little left behind now and has no real pretties to her name, but there was nothing I really wanted anyhow (aside from maybe the 2h staff reward from a quest chain). Today I’m running a few more friends through the instance, can never have enough Deadmines! Rumorr logged on for a bit to chatter about transferring that paladin of his, and hopefully it all works out. We’ll see later this week. When the groups and questing around Lakeridge calmed down for the night (and I was still wide awake.. for the most part) I decided to go solo Blackfathom Deeps, located in Ashenvale.

I love being able to run through these instances with my hunter tanking and feeling all big and ‘uber’ as I three shot the elites that scatter around. Even more, I love being able to help outfit my friends with the items we can farm from there. That way when we do the instance ‘for real’ people have some gear already (and then my Minxes can get gear too). An ok dagger dropped (blue) that was not BoP (bind on pickup) so I stuck that on the AH (auction house) and we’ll see how it goes. I’m at 295g now, after spending some coin making a new dress for the priest (Dreamweave, which has +spell dmg and +heal, can’t go wrong) and getting some crafting skill ups. Hopefully the shaman will hit 18 tonight, maybe 19 by the time everything is said and done, we’ll see how it goes. I think I have a quest to do at 20, and that’ll be fun.

The game all in all, has been fun. I’d say it’s 99.9% due to the people I have around me. Klorel, Daegon, Rumorr, Gozad, all of ’em make the game a fun place to be for the three hours or so in the evenings we play. It’d be better if Rumorr didn’t feel any pressure to level with his already busy life, but hey, nothing is perfect. I’d been contemplating Eq1 some, of course due to Tipa’s posts over at West Karana, but alas can’t bring myself to install the game. I haven’t bought any expansions since Depths of Darkhollows (and not even sure if that was the name of it) and I know I have three level 70 characters, a cleric, rogue, and enchanter, but no idea what sort of state I left them in. It’s tempting though. So tempting. I wish after a certain number of years mmos would just grant people free transfers. If there was a chance at me getting to play with Tipa, I’d probably consider it even more. As it is, I am fairly certain we don’t play on the same server (I don’t even remember which server I’m on.. I want to say Veeshan but I believe it merged.. to Luclin?) and as she herself has mentioned, who wants to play alone.

Wow.. now does this bring back EQ1 memories or what….. what a long time ago that was..

Omg, haha. My shaman gal here, is wearing the original earing of the solstice. Sighs. Good times. Good times.

4 Responses to Ding 27! (IRL Omg..)

  1. Mythokia says:

    Happy birthday again! Any IRL skill ups to go with that ding? :P

  2. Mayadhros/Rumor says:

    Happy birthday!!!11!

  3. Ogrebears says:

    Ya Tipa’s has got me to wanting to play eq1, but i really can’t bring my self to go threw the grind of the game.

  4. Tipa says:

    Again, happy birthday :) All of my characters but the Once and Future Tsuki the Mage are on Erollisi Marr. I have a 75 cleric, 70 rogue, 66 druid — my mains in reverse order :P — and would play them if I had anyone to play with.

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