A Quiet Night

The rest of yesterday was fairly quiet. I wasn’t in the mood to do too much on the shaman, so I managed to ding her 18 and catch her up to the group, bought my new spells (I could really use another heal some time.. one is just not cutting it) and then decided I would camp the blood elf mask that drops on Azuremyst Isle. The mask sells for 35g or so on Uther, and for no other reason then the fact that it looks cool.

It’s a level 5 item that’s not bop, and you can share it between characters if you so wish. Since most helm pieces are level 24+ it’s nice to have a little bit of ‘fluff’ armor at such a low level. The mob who drops it is a blood elf bandit, and he has 8 or so spawn points. He’s also stealthed, which is why I took the hunter to farm it. She’s got her mount, and track stealth. He always spawns close to the road sides on the island, in a huge circular swoop. He also spawns very fast, less then one minute apart. The annoying part (aside from the drop rate on the mask) is just simply getting to each spawn point.

The mask has a 5% chance to drop, and I spent about two hours farming it last night. I managed to get two of them to drop, and gave the first one away to Daegon for his dwarf warrior. Looks mighty fine in it too. The second one I sent over to the shaman, and I contemplated farming a few more just for auction house. Not sure how much time I want to devote to that though, I can make more money (faster) harvesting an instance (or two) and it’s a lot more fun then just riding around an island in circles killing level 7 stealthed bandits.

Tonight I assume the ‘regular’ group will get together and try to make a push for 20. I believe I get my shaman ghost wolf quest then (even though honestly I haven’t the slightly clue what ghost wolf form does for a shaman) and we’ll be moving on to some other quest areas. Redridge is alright, but still not my favorite. I took the shaman back to Auberdine to quest there and catch up to the group, and was given a good 10 quests. Redridge has a few that I can do but I find the area annoying. Maybe it’s just me. After Redridge though is Darkshire,  which I adore. Then there’s STV (Stranglethorn Vale) which I have always avoided like the plague because I play on pvp servers. However, on a pve server it’s safe to hang out there, and I remember that area being a huge quest hub. Even my level 49 hunter is still doing a few strangling quests for that area. Should be fun.

Which is the key to this whole little experiment, right? Having fun, hanging out with good friends and just kicking back and relax. It’s been so long since I’ve really played EQ2 now (I basically quit the day epics came out and only popped in from time to time since then) and I really enjoy not having to log in for raids. Feeling very few obligations to play, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want to feel forced to play. What fun is that after all. Of course the game still has its allure, and EQ1 even more so lately. If SOE offered free transfers I’d probably go join Tipa in a heart beat, just for something fun and ‘new’ to do.

No sign of Rumorr last night, but I’m sure he was busy doing ‘the family’ thing. Hopefully he’s not even more discouraged by the levels we’ve (by ‘we’ I mean Daegon, Gozad, and myself) gotten. Klorel I believe hit level 10 on his warrior last night but then had company show up so he had to log early. It’ll be nice when we’re all around the same level again and can spend a little time doing instances or what have you. In the mean time though, I’m certainly having fun.

2 Responses to A Quiet Night

  1. Mallika says:

    You’ll love ghost wolf form. It makes you run 40% faster. :) (Plus you can cast it while in combat, so it’s useful for those ‘Oh my god’ moments.)

    You probably won’t even need to buy the normal mount at level 40–as a shaman, I hardly ever used it. The ghost wolf already satisfied me in terms of how fast it let me travel.

  2. Mayadhros says:

    Last night was sweeny todd night! Waiting on the paladin transfer :>

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