More Then a Little Lost

 That’s right, the screen shot does not lie. Yesterday as the other half decided to pick up a PS3, I browsed through the pc games and happened to find a copy of Secrets of Faydwer. $40 for all 14 expansions of EQ1 with a few other tid bits (claim items) thrown in for good measure. It itched. I looked at the case, thought about Tipa’s posts, and in the end ultimately decided “hell, why not”. The 2 DVD disks are a far cry from the 10+ I have kicking around the house that I’d have to install (and patch) and who can pass up /claim goodies anyhow.

So that’s how it came to be that I installed EverQuest last night. This morning, I logged in slightly nervous and sat at character select (which is completely different then I remember it might I add) looking at characters I haven’t played for three years now.

Needless to say, I’ve forgotten a lot. Like how do I get my actual items to show up as I mouse over them instead of just the name of it. If anyone knows how I can do that simple thing I’ll be eternally in debt. I kept wanting to actually LOOK at the stats on my gear, to be able to tell what is better then what. I tried to look through key bindings and simply couldn’t find it. That’s step one. Step two, anyone know if UI mods are still made for EQ1? Default is slightly, annoying. Though I can make due I suppose. I decided after peeking at my characters and being unable to tell much from them that I’d run through the tutorias. Of course, being unable to actually see the stats of anything in my bags or that I’m wearing made it frustrating, so for now I set it aside. I have forgotten so very much.

I do have plans to play (off and on) for a month though, I figure I’ll wander around lost and nostalgic in between other things, for short spurts. I have a friend who I used to play with in EQ1 way back when also activating his account, I imagine we’ll wander around together some. I haven’t been back in so long, and I don’t even know what was added any more, but it’s still a lot of fun. I need a quick sheet of all the commands I’ve forgotten over the years.

I also need to figure out how to free the mouse so I can get front views of my characters (is that even possible?) for now the screen shot has me looking at the title screen as I test out other commands to try to make the gear / inventory items have more then just their names showing.

Oh, and Tipa, there’s a new level 2 necromancer named Stargrace wandering around your server apparently. She forgets the names of your characters though to add to friends *grins*

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  1. Cordanim says:

    LOL too funny – about a month ago when I upgraded to Station Access, I, too, redownloaded EQ. After walking around PoK with Cordanim (lvl 69 Vah’Shir Beastlord) and not being able to remember a helluva lot, I rolled up a necro (new race – can’t remember the name) on a different server :)

    Think he’s lvl 5 right now. Kinda funny seeing the old-school interface and trying to remember how to actually do things LOL

  2. Tipa says:

    Oh, and is still the place to go for EQ UI mods. Lodidodi was the one I used when I played.

  3. Tipa says:

    Hold down the right mouse button on the item you want to examine and the full window pops up after a second. Shift click on the icon within that window to place a link to it in your chat window :)

    Hit F9 to cycle through the various camera views; from most 3rd person views, you can left click (or is it right click?) and drag to move the camera; use page up/down and ins/del to change the distance and angle of the camera. No matter what you do, though, you won’t have a good camera like in EQ2. You may have to get close to a wall and circle the camera in front of you to get a decent shot of yourself. Recall that in EQ1, usually you played in first person and rarely saw yourself in a picture.

    My characters on my currently active account are Tipa (70 rogue), Nashuya (57 SK), Beza (40ish berserker), Nina (56 warrior), Shinai (20ish beastlord), Tsuki (39 necro) and Patience (12 cleric I believe, a remnant of my days on Fennin Ro).

    I’ll see if you’re on tonight :)

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