Good Times in Redridge

I know people are probably more eager to read about the EQ Nostalgia group then about my trek through WoW, but be patient, that post is next. Last night found Gozad, Daegon and myself eager to level so we decided to knock out a few more of our Redridge quests. We killed everything in our path, or at least tried to. It was a little rocky, we had a few deaths. The quests we’re working on now are level 23+ where as Daegon and myself were still only level 19. I hate mobs that run, what I wouldn’t give to have a warlock join our little static group so that they can curse and prevent that sort of thing. As it is, the warrior, hunter, and shaman combo make a poor one for stopping them in their tracks. At least for now. I know the hunter has the concussion shot, but it’s got a long recast and at times isn’t enough to stop everything from running we’d like.

I’ve stayed away from tradeskilling on the shaman, and haven’t worked it much on the other two characters lately either. I played a lot this weekend and it’s nice not to have a set schedule per say in order to get things done.

So Gozad dinged 21, while Daegon and myself hit 20. I went to my trainer expecting to have to do a quest for ghost wolf form, and was surprised to find out it was just a regular bought spell. I did of course have a quest to pick up as well, for water stuff. I’ve already learned fire and earth, I’m hoping water is healing. I could use more heals. It’s hard to play the shaman with only one heal. Well, hard for me at least. I didn’t do any research into the class at all and had never listened to the hype about them so this is all very new to me. I’ve spec’d down the restoration aa line and have been having a good time of it.

So I picked up my level 20 quest, headed way back to Azuremyst Isle from Ironforge, and then decided to call it a night. Plagued by annoying headaches that refused to leave through out the day. Mayadhros was unable to play last night due to real life restrictions, I’m sure he’s starting to get frantic now that we’ve reached our 20’s. We haven’t done any instance runs yet, but maybe we can do a Deadmines run (a real one, with the group as opposed to my hunter taking everyone through) for a few remaining quest updates that folks have as well as the major quest lines that Minxes has yet to complete (even though everyone else has). We’ll see how it goes. It would of course be better if Mayadhros were there for some heals / dps / tanking too *hint hint* and Klorel reached level 15 last night on his warrior (who’s spec’ing down the dps line I believe). It’s great to be playing with friends in so many games lately. I think that’s what I’m loving most of all about any of these games. I’m playing with friends in all of them.

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