Ishbel, Drakkin of Norrath

Norrath’s added a new race since I played last. The Drakkin. They are the children of the dragon – or so I’ve gathered. They have tattoos of scales that cover their body in a decorative pattern, and at the character selection screen you get to figure out which dragon you’ll form yourself after. It’s for lore purposes only, and of course me being me, I don’t know anything about the lore. EverQuest was always a game I played with friends but never really delved into so to speak. Not for lack of wanting to, but that was just the way it was for me when I played. Of course now, I’m regretting it. I wish I knew everything. I won’t, there’s just too much. But I wish I did. In any case, they also have designs on their faces that represent the ‘horns’ and scales of their dragon kin. Very cool. It was only natural I play one. I’m typically an elf person, I know, how boring is that. Though I have been known to play halflings, and ratongas.

Anyhow. Since the Nostalgia group has been working on their racial armor quests I decided it was time to travel back home and see if I have any myself. I’m not sure yet, I didn’t quite make it that far before I was side tracked into viewing the six dragons that protect my home.

Even in a game as old as EverQuest, how can you NOT be impressed with dragons. They are the epitome of the fantasy genre mmo. Typically big bosses where ever you go. They’re imposing, impressive, and just plain awesome.

So now I am on my way to meet up with some people from my little town (is it little? Maybe it’s city sized, I honestly have no idea) and prove that I am one of their kin. Gain some rank with these dragon folk and tell them that I’m good enough to heal their people. Or anyone, for that matter.

I managed to ding level 12 wandering through paludal (sp) caves with Lackey. When I used to play EQ1 that was the best place I’d ever leveled. Best for power leveling too. I’d get myself nicely buffed with druid buffs (especially the damage shield) and just stand where all the phlargs were. They have a noxious debuff called “creeping crud” that requires some curing (and lasts a REALLY long time!) but other then that.. it was great.

I didn’t want to get too far ahead of the Nostalgia group though – so I of course have an alt (I think we all have alts now). A little necromancer. I finished off the tutorial last night with help from Lackey, and then in accordance to the little mail message we received upon hitting level 10, we headed to Najena. Which is the EQ2 server I play on. How amusing. We only managed a few pulls in there though before we called it a night. LOTS of adds. Lots of mean adds. I was only level 10 (necromancer) and he was level 12. The suggestion to go there was obviously meant for either a full group, or someone twinked (which neither of us are). It was still fun though, the few pulls we got in were great exp, about 10% each kill.

Surprisingly enough – not a SINGLE skeleton of the night (and I killed at least 10-15) dropped bone chips. How am I supposed to summon my pet? I ended up buying 5 off of the broker (that’s all that was for sale) just so I could be a competent necromancer. Oh well, I’ll save that search for another time. The sad part is that I deleted my 44 shadowknight, and on her in her inventory, were 60 things of bone chips. Little did I know they’d actually come in handy when I decided to delete them. Oh wells.

2 Responses to Ishbel, Drakkin of Norrath

  1. stargrace says:

    I’ve been doing the little intro quests, to learn about their race and what not. VERY cool and very well done. Lots of information to take in.

  2. Tipa says:

    Your armor looks cool :)

    Drakkin are humans that have been infected with dragon blood. They consider their lives to have truly begun at that point; everything before that was like being half-asleep, half-alive. The blood slowly is making them more draconic, and eventually they get a breath weapon.

    I want to go to Paludal!

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