600th post.. (or so)

I decided to take a look at how many posts I had on the blog now, since I’ve had it for quite some time –

Low and behold, I’ve hit (and past) my 600th post, standing at 615. Hopefully people have enjoyed reading, and if not, oh well. I enjoy writing and that’s good enough for me. Here’s to many more.

Other points of interest? 615 posts, 1,109 comments, and protected from 7,961 bits of spam.

Go-Go Akismet.

4 Responses to 600th post.. (or so)

  1. martin says:

    Thats a hell of a lot of spam ;)

    Well heres to 600 more :)

  2. Mayadhros says:

    I can proudly take credit for 10 of those posts!

    You guys need to blog MORE!

  3. stargrace says:

    *Bows down before the mighty Tipa*

    I’m 1,500 of those comments.
    Einhorn is the rest.

  4. Tipa says:

    Maybe we spend too much time blogging…

    Blog Stats

    There are currently 691 posts and 2,605 comments, contained within 35 categories and 64 tags.
    Akismet has protected your site from 23,692 spam comments.

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