Who Am I

My eyes opened as though I was shocked with fire – rushing through my veins. I remember nothing before that, except barely existing. I was being called, I felt it. I groaned with the pressure of it ringing in my ears. Stumbling, I made my way to the council of six to see what was required of me. How I even found them I know not. It passed through my mind like a blur, some unreal dream that was actually reality. I stood before them – and they refused to talk to me. Refused to acknowledge that I was even there, groveling at their feet. I practically wept in despair until a voice called me across the room.

“Vasha, Ishbel” the woman said in greeting. She explained to me that I would have to prove myself worthy of the council’s attentions first. Doing a few very basic chores. It made sense to me in some weird way, and I went off to complete my tasks. First and foremost was learning of our history. I was given the Charter of Crescent Research, where I learned about the Drakkin and the scions of the six. Children of Veeshan, we were called. Living memory of Dragon’s Nest, which was defiled by a curse. We had a purpose, as future protector’s of Veeshan, we had the right to arm ourselves, and defend the city. Crescent Reach was our sanctuary.

Quizzed and found proficient enough to stand before the council, I was granted an audience. My knees quaked at the sight of them standing there, calm as could be. Still, in the background of my mind the flames licked and burned at me and I knew I had nothing to worry about. It was my calling. I’ve no idea how other Drakkin react to their own awakenings, but mine was intense. I suppose in that way it’s meant to be, so that we don’t ever forget.

Ithakis stared at me from his place in the council, observing me as I practically cowered before him. He sneered, almost doubting that I should be there at all. Somehow, I managed to stumble out my cause. He sent me on another task, which I completed with cool ease. I still felt as though I was walking in a dream. Returning to him he said nothing but nodded his head and pointed towards a door, the lifts that would take me to my dragon kin.

How I managed to get my feet under me enough to make that climb, I’ll never know. I stood before Atathus the Red Lord and quivered, dropping to my knees. I groveled before him. I think he smiled at me, if that’s possible. Can dragons smile? He bid me rise, and told me of a great spider and a poison sac that he’d have me collect. At some time during the conversation it seemed as though he almost doubted I could accomplish this task – but again I felt the heat and flames of my heritage sparking through me and knew I’d have no problems.

I went off in search of the spider, and stuck the tip of my staff through the spongy part of her body with ease. Ignoring the stench of the ooze I collected the venom sac, and headed back to Atathus the Red Lord. I dropped the sac at his feet, and waited.

He said nothing.

I tried again, I made sure it was from the right spider, and that it was not damaged.

“I have no need of this item, Ishbel” was all the red dragon breathed at me.

How could this be? What had I done to displease him? I collapsed to my knees and began weeping on the floor. I’d never felt so lost. I knew I wasn’t wrong, I felt the flames of my heritage still licking along the edges of my mind, fanned by my emotions.. what had I done wrong..

(( The quest for my Drakkin to earn her dragon breath attack is apparently broken, as I petitioned it yesterday and got a cut and past answer that there were issues with it. No idea when it will be fixed or why they couldn’t have just granted me the ability and taken away my quest item, but anyhow, that’s what sparked this post ))

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  1. Tipa says:

    EQ1 GMs USED to be the best in the business. They kept office hours, did impromptu events when they had time, and made the server a lively place. Now, they are just people in a call center cutting and pasting answers. Very sad. The old school GMs really helped give a server its character.

    I’m not seeing the picture at the top… dunno why.

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