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One thing that always astounds me when I return to a game – is how much crud I have kicking around in various bags and banks. At one time or another I’m sure the order in which I’d placed these items made some sort of sense to me. But three years later, that is not the case. I had bits and pieces strewn about, parts of keys that I’d long since forgotten (which I deleted as well, since most areas have been removed of their key requirements) and crafting supplies in every nook and cranny.

So I took a few hours yesterday (yes, in the end it took that long) to organize the bags of one character. I still have three more that I need to go through. This was the main one though, my over all crafter (and enchanter) Kameeko.

I still have bits and pieces of her enchanter epic (1.0) in one bag, having never managed to get the piece I needed from Plane of Fear. There are pelts of all shapes and sizes, patterns, metals, gems, tools, and I had a backpack full of very old gear (mostly from Plane of Mischief which is my most favorite zone in the entire game) and just… everything. My druid’s bags are filled with foraged items and food bits, she’ll probably be next. Then there’s my shaman and all of her alchemist / potions which are everywhere. The rogue has poisons (being a master crafter way back in the day) and they all have quest bits and pieces of things strewn about.

I’m not exactly a neat freak, but in game especially I do like to know where everything is, how I can get to it easily, and what it’s used for. It does me no good if I open my bags and have to search for 10 minutes for an item – only to find out I don’t have it at all. Or for me to go spending money on an item that I’ve had stashed away for years. I actually enjoy organizing these bags too, it’s fun looking over all the stuff I’ve accumulated, looking it up online to see what it’s for. Humming and hawing over key pieces and whether I keep them for the memories or toss them aside since access is not required.

Tonight is the second night of “Nostalgia the guild” and I believe we’re going to Kurn’s Castle. It may not be implimented in EQ2 yet (maybe it is, I have been playing slightly but I’m behind on the updates) but it should be a lot of fun. The imposing tower resides in both games, and they both send shivers up my spine every time I approach.  I managed to get my LDoN stone yesterday. Handy to use at the Magus’ as well since they port you to the camps – and there’s a magus in the guild lobby. My necro and cleric are both sitting at 15, with the cleric sure to get some levels tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone there (except Cordanim – happy birthday hon have a great night out!).

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  1. Gdub says:

    Kurn’s was one of my favorite zones while newbie leveling in EQ1. Alas, it is still not accessible in EQ2, yet.

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