Good ‘Ol Kurn’s Tower

It stood just as imposing as I remember it. Just as scary as it was in EQ2? Well, not exactly. It’s surrounded by the same mobs, but they’re much lower level. Our Nostalgia group was scheduled to over take get a few levels in Kurn’s for the evening, and I was excited. 7pm was the meeting time, and we got to put our Fellowship Camp Fire into good use. Well, it looked cool in any case. A fellowship can be made up of 9 people and it allows you to place camp fires. You get a trinket from an npc in PoK and when three of you have gathered together, placed the camp fire, it allows other members who are not in the same zone as you to gate there. Pretty cool, eh? Guilds also have a version of this called banners. 13 members must be in the area to place a banner – ideal for raids (and stragglers).

Anyhow. As it turned out only 7 of our Nostalgia members showed up – Cordanim and Noffin being engaged in other real life issues, and Egat with something that had come up. Group Cool’s tank also couldn’t make it, and so with only seven of us there I volunteered to sit out. I didn’t want to have to split into two semi-full groups when they could form one full group, get plenty of experience, and I could wander around by myself. It seemed to work out alright – they headed downstairs after some sniffles and a few boxes of tissue later (on my end, of course, week two of no grouping with the fabled Tipa) and I headed upstairs to wack some skeletons.

I was slightly afraid of how my cleric dps would measure up to a full group downstairs taking down encounters. Turned out, I shouldn’t have worried. I used my veteran reward for a 30 minute experience bonus and if I had of had clarity it’d have been a lot quicker. I think my alchemist may actually be able to make clarity potions – or I can at least buy them some where, I seem to remember that much. So I think I’ll look into that for next time.

Using my spells vs. undead was certainly the way to go. It worked out very well and in the same amount of time that it took the core group to hit 19-20, I’d also managed to hit it. Well, at least (for now) I’m not behind. The entire time no other group (or person) entered the zone aside from a mysterious cleric who came and cast temperance on the group. I found it amusing that they just randomly showed up cast and then left. Thank you whoever you were.

If you’re interested in playing with the Nostalgia group, or just having a group of people around who you can chatter to, anyone is still more then welcome to join up. We ask that folks register on our forums here, and introduce yourself. Let people know whether you’d like to make the Friday night group (there are typically spots, or we’ll form up a third group) or if you’re just looking for people to talk to. We’re still waiting on the creation of our guild (two weeks and counting, come on SOE why not revamp the EQ1 guild format.. this is just getting to be annoying) but we’ll have one (eventually). We play on the Luclin server.

Next week we’ll be attempting our first (and hopefully our second) LDoN. So I went around to the Wayfarers camps and picked up my adventure stone. The stone also allows people to use the Magus’ to port around. There’s a handy one in the guild lobby which I’ll be taking advantage of I am sure. If everything goes well (and everyone shows up – though we already know one wizard can’t make it) it should be a lot of fun – and I believe the goal is to be between 20-25. Right now the Nostalgia group is slightly spread, we’re looking for everyone to be between 15-20 before we attempt our LDoN’s and not above 20. My cleric hit 20 yesterday, and my necromancer is 19 (waiting on Slackey Lackey)  so I created a bard just to play around on when I can’t level the other two. I’ve never played one before in EQ1 aside from just very briefly using a friends – it should be interesting, to say the least.

3 Responses to Good ‘Ol Kurn’s Tower

  1. Maedhros/Aerrik says:

    Nice pic of the tower.

    Looking forward to the next event!

  2. martin says:

    Very tempting offer..the main reason i stopped playing eq was lack of groups..i may have a low lvl char on lucin….:)

  3. Tipa says:

    Great pics :)

    Well, you won’t have to sit out next week. LDoNs adjust themselves to the number of people in the party, so as long as we have six peeps, we can make two groups of three. But I think we’ll have plenty more.

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