Chardok Didn’t Stand a Chance

Urtog from our Nostalgia group moved his main warrior over to Luclin, and ever since has been hell bent on getting his epic 1.0 completed. Who can blame him? It’s an epitome of EQ1-ness, and was (and still is to a few) a major milestone. Over time though not many people still raid the 1.0’s, a lot of the encounters needed for various classes are on a permanent camped basis, farmed for their drops because a lot can be solo’d / duo’d / boxed.

So when he set forth the idea to go after his Chardok piece, which happened to come from the Queen, of course I jumped at the chance. Tipa would (again) be our fearless leader – and because of sheer uberness was our tank, our dps, and our healer. Urtog was our corpse clearer, and I was our (some what fuddled) navigator and lock-pickerer on my rogue, Invis Abletomobs. Basically the plan was, let Tipa do all the work. I kid you not. That woman is UBER. It helps, being decked out the way her character is. I’ve never gotten into that aspect of EQ1 before, I never really had the opportunity since I left for EQ2. It’s an interesting sight to see that’s for sure.

Anyhow, I scouted ahead (I love Shroud of Stealth, which is an aa my rogue has that lets her pass by things unaware that would typically see) and checked to see if the mobs were up – which they were. I then promptly set off a trap and died.

Woot. Wouldn’t be a Chardok run (hey, some mobs were still con’ing dark blue to me at level 70) if I didn’t die. So I wandered back to Chardok while Tipa set out clearing her and Urtog’s path with her mighty melee cleric ways. It was fun. She’d turn a corner, grab 20 or so mobs, and a few minutes later a sad little pile of corpses lay at her feet. Urtog and I grabbed our pom poms and acted as personal cheerleaders.

Our one issue was that none of us could snare, and the final mob of every encounter would make a beeline for their furthest friend which would in turn bring 20 of their furthest friends and before too long we’d have another dead party at our feet. It was a LOT of fun though. It’s great playing the whole lowbie nostalgia bit, but some times, you just want to wander around and play those old characters you have. I hadn’t touched my rough in three years. I didn’t even remember how to apply poisons, and the bazaar doesn’t have a search field to buy any. Looks like I’ll have to make some (some how).

So after a bit of time clearing, we downed both the Overking, and the Queen. Those two specific encounters were probably easier then anything else we’d fought that night. The Queen’s bard AoE still hurt me and Urtog real bad while Tipa stood there saying “She has an AoE? It hurts?” not feeling a thing. Lucky Halfling. In other fantastic news, we got our guild tag, FINALLY. Pictures of our guild hall to follow in another post. Just watch out for the healing pool, I hear some Vah shir have been using it as a litter box.

2 Responses to Chardok Didn’t Stand a Chance

  1. Maedhros/Aerrik says:

    Sounds really fun. I’ve been thinking about ressurecting my paladin for play on Luclin. I can’t remember his level though.

  2. Tipa says:

    That was fun :) What’s REALLY funny about the whole thing is that I haven’t played for over a year, and my gear and spells are substantially behind the times. SOE has mudflated us out of the older content.

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