Upper Guk, Good Friends, and Deleted Characters

Nostalgia the guild has had it’s issues with GM’s over the course of the two weeks we’ve been active. However, in my own personal experience, they’re still pretty damn fantastic. In order to play in the group (before I’d obtained station access) I had to delete a character of mine – and unthinkingly I deleted a 44 shadow knight named Satia, and a 13 wizard named Nukette. A few days later I realized that Nukette was actually my one true twink – decked out with gear from Greig himself. Not many level 13’s can say that. She’s wearing the Geomantic Fingers of Focus which my cleric at the time also managed to find. Grieg’s End is another one of those zones that I just absolutely love. I killed Grieg with my beastlord friend any time we found him up, and we leveled many many an alt in the zone. If I recall, we had the wizard sacrifice herself, and then dragged her corpse to the corpse of Grieg and rez’d her there so she could loot. In fact when I logged her in, after being restored, she was still in GE. It’s been years.

My shadow knight was also restored – for which I am very happy. The GM’s are under no obligation to restore characters to me, but they were prompt and courteous¬† (as was I) and I’m glad for the help.

I haven’t played a shadow knight in a long time. I typically hate tanks. They have spells though, and a pet, and well hey she looks pretty good too. Today I planned on taking her through some of the newer quests level 20-40 just to see how much I remember about playing her.

Last night, Lackey (20 Magician), Aerrik (19 Shaman), Spuc (17 Monk), and myself (20 Necromancer) decided we’d head to Upper Guk to meander around and kill things. We had an absolute blast on vent making crude jokes (Lackey summoned his Bristlebane Jester who shrunk a few of us and made a few others grow..) and just generally having a good time. We were going to attempt to head to Lower Guk – but things very quickly turned from grey to red inside Upper as it was, and we decided other wise. A few levels later and a lot of laughs, we called it a night and everyone (except the monk) gated out – leaving the monk to sacrifice himself to get a rez later. I would have felt badly, except that it was his choice and at these levels the exp loss is not so bad (plus, he’d just get a rez at the guild lobby later). We didn’t get any useful loot, but it was still a lot of fun to wander around accidentally pulling groups of three or four mobs.

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  1. Tipa says:

    I HAVE to level my alt :P So jealous I wasn’t there! But I was just so engrossed in finishing a book I was reading :/

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