The Overthere

Slackey Lackey happened to be working from home yesterday, and what fun would that be if he didn’t sneak in a little time to play EQ1? So it was that we tried to come up with some place new to get experience. Every time you gain a level, SOE sends you a little message about where you should go next. At level 20 it was suggested we go to North / South Ro. Well, we made our way over there – and the majority of both zones were gray. What wasn’t gray was red (like sand giants). The zone itself reminded me way too much of EQ2 and the funny thing is I’d never actually made the connection between Sinking Sands (EQ2) and the EQ1 zones. I guess it was easier to think about it once I was actually there. I know, EQ1 came first, but I tend to still work backwards, as I’ve actually played EQ2 longer then EQ1.

So after wandering around encountering very few dark blues, lots of gray, and a few greens, we decided to head to the zone suggested at 21 (which was Lackey’s level) and I can’t remember what it was now but we were headed to the Gunthak stone to get there. Along the way I stopped and looked at the Overthere stone. Hmm. For some reason I vaguely remembered power leveling (and just plain leveling) there from 20-30. Could it be?

Zoning in proved to be two fold. If we headed west (where the “ramp” was a typical camp) things were quickly red, but if we went east, things were dark blue. Perfect!

It wasn’t long before we’d both gained a few levels, and were sitting on 22. By that time many a cockatrice, sarnak, and rhino fell to our pets, and Lackey said he had to get back to work (didn’t leveling count?) so we gated back to PoK in preparation of getting our spells some time in the future. Zones may have changed – but there are a good many more that have not. Everything in OT was exactly as I remembered it except a sever lack of people. The entire time we were the only two there. Not that I expected anything less at 9am on a Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to playing my cleric on our LDoN Friday, it should be fun. She’s been idling away unplayed at the level cap (20) for this week. I meant to play a little with my shadow knight but yesterday just couldn’t get into it. I was also contemplating getting my jewel crafting on Kameeko to cap – but I need to sit my druid in Rujarkian Hills so she can forage geodes. Velium geode bracelets cap out at 302 and that’s plenty high for me to get the last points I need. AOC is looming closer and I’m not exactly worried that it will draw people away from their current mmo’s on a permanent basis – I think it will become a niche game once the initial frenzy dies down. I’ve still got very little interest or reason to want to play it, though I do keep up with what everyone else thinks about the game.

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