Woohoo, it’s Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, it’s also Nostalgia the guild night (North Ro LDoN I believe is our goal) Ironman comes out, and it’s just one of those fantastic days.  That’s my hope, at least. Last night was a hodge podge of smaller things that I decided to take care of in EQ2. First and foremost was preparing for those 4 extra bank slots we’re all going to be getting. The four extra shared slots are not really ‘extra’ per say. What they’ll be doing is combining the four good slots you have with the four evil. Since I have boxes in all 8, they’ll already be filled (I store my rares there, have I mentioned yet how EXCITED I am about this change and having a general area for me to put coin that all my characters can use?) but then there’s also the four extra slots each individual person will get. I typically sort each slot by tier for harvested goods, and this will allow me to have a few extra for general items that take up room (old quest pieces I’m afraid of losing, potions, /claim items that I don’t use right away, those sorts of things).

I also went through my house vaults on a few characters, having not checked them in so long they were growing cobwebs. Put things for sale on the broker which I also had not done in a very long time.

Aside from general cleaning and organizing, my carpenter finally hit level 40! That’s the highest level I’ve ever gotten a carpenter to, and I’ve started more then my fair share. It seems odd, since I have plenty of crafters, and most are high level – that I would have such difficulty with the one crafter I use more then any other crafter. Go figure. Screen shots today are random pictures of Arysh’ 5-room Qeynos house. Her game room and her library which is a constant work in progress. I have not added anything to her house in quite some time and I’m wondering where to start. With a carpenter around it’s a lot easier to plan on what I need and what I’d like as far as furniture goes. Her bedroom and portions of the attic could use a revamp. Even the main room is a little drab these days. Silhouette also owns a three room in Freeport that is drastically bare, having moved her there a few weeks ago and not even gotten past unloading the moving crate. I’ve had a lack of inspiration as far as decorating goes – though I think browsing through the Norrathian Homeshow may help to fix that.

Of course now it’s 15 minutes later since I got side tracked looking through the Homeshow – if you’re into EQ2 housing at all and decorating this is the forum for you. Just some fantastic work there. In specific this post here shows some simply amazing work and dedication to housing. Wow. It’s just, astounding what people think of to do with all the items we have in game. Out of all the games I’ve played, EQ2 handled housing the best. Though EQ1 has guild halls (you can’t decorate them) and Vanguard has ACTUAL houses that you physically build – EQ2 by far has the best array of items and goods that can be placed in your home, both crafted and quested.

Speaking of which, since I’d missed Erollisi Day in EQ2, I spent a little time looking up the house items and purchasing a few (quite a few). Who wouldn’t want perfume bottle, roses, candy, and pillows? There’s also an Erollisi bear that I’d like to get (plushi, of a white polar bear) but he’s 3p on the Najena server, and I may be able to swipe one from a friend instead. We’ll see how it goes.

Be sure to also check out the EQ2 Traders Corner for all the new housing updates, great screen shots of everything crafted, and a little peek at things to come. Doesn’t that place setting just look fantastic?

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