The RoK Grind

The Field of Bone in EQ2 is slightly different then EQ1 – if for no other reason then the fact that it’s much higher level – and Kurns Tower has shut it’s door on a permanent basis until it’s implemented (though we’ve been waiting for that since the release of RoK last year). The zone itself is Fens of Nathsar, and it’s home to more then 100 quests. There are multiple factions in the zone that you get to work up, Bathezid Watch, Rillis, some Droga Exiles, and Bellywhumpers. The majority of the quests are your typical kill X number of Y mobs, which get boring real fast. The experience is drab, I think I was getting about .05% per kill and 1.5% a quest turn in with full vitality of course. In RoK vitality (rest bonus, basically) is pretty worthless except for crafting. You’ll never burn through it. The entire expansion on all my characters I’ve never had less then 80% vitality.

On the plus side, Shadowgeist and I headed to Kunzar Jungle, a zone just off of Fens and slightly higher level. I managed to get the last 30% I needed, and hit level 75 on the illusionist. Which means next time Shadowgeist can drag me through Jarsath Wastes, and I can do the higher level quests there now and forgo some of the quests at least in Fens. Of course knowing me, I’ll still eventually do them all. Especially the ones that reward faction, as I’m eager to purchase the provisioner recipes. Not so much the food that lasts for 10 minutes (although that’s great for raids and named fights) but the two charm items that the provisioner class is able to make. Chromatic essences are down to 15-20g on Najena, and I have a few tucked away in my bank.

Speaking of banks, I can’t help but wonder when the new game update is going in, so we’ll have combined banks. That is going to be absolutely awesome.

In two more levels or so I can start doing some of the instances in RoK, and getting a few more upgrades. The quest rewards have been great so far. I’m also eager to hit 80, so I can start working on my epic. I don’t expect I’ll ever get the mythical version but there’s no reason why I can’t at least get the fabled.  We’ll just see how that goes though.

Tonight is Monday, so I’ll be playing Vanguard with Growlius, I’m not sure where we’ll be exploring now that we’ve finished the Bounty Hunter quest line but I’m sure I’ll write about it tomorrow.

3 Responses to The RoK Grind

  1. David says:

    Fens of Nathsar killed EQII for me… it was so boring, and every single quest is the same. What I saw of Kunzar Jungle was much better, but by the time I decided to go in there I had already canceled my account.

  2. stargrace says:

    Station access is my only life saver *coughs*

  3. Mayadhros says:

    Dammit, you are making me want to play EQ2 now.

    I am a lemming.

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