A Monk, Defiler, and Swashbuckler walk into a Bar..

Ok, so they don’t really walk into a bar, but those are the three new characters I’ve created in just as many days. Why do you ask? Why does a person who already had 7 alts need MORE? Well, easy. Just because. I used to have two accounts, dropped one and got station access instead. On the closed account sits my “questing monk” who was a pure solo character that I did nothing but quest on. It was time to re-create her on the Najena server and start over. So there was alt #8. Then I decided since I deleted my 72 mystic (also on the other account) that I’d re-create her, too. This character would be a power leveled character though since I’ve already leveled a defiler / mystic up and didn’t really have too much patience to do it the “usual” way. Yesterday the defiler went from level 10-22 with the help of an 80 shadowknight mentoring. Go figure. Wailing Caverns was my home for two hours, and I killed anything that moved and quite a few things that didn’t move, too. That’s alt #9.

Alt #10 has a purpose. I’ll be playing a few nights here and there with Mayadhros (High Elf Paladin) and Dunnos (Froglok shaman). Thus I created a Half Elf Swashbuckler. I’ve played swashbucklers before, but never past level 30 or so. I had a brigand level 38 (again, on the closed account) and figured why not. We all made it to level 10 playing last night, and doing a lot of really fun quests.  I’m not sure how fast / often we’ll level, but in the mean time it’s fun to have a steady bunch of people to play with. One of the high points of playing with Nostalgia the Guild in EQ1 as well.

The past few weeks I’ve started missing raiding, and I’ve been contemplating trying to get back into it. I’m thinking for now it may just be too late. I don’t know anyone on Najena, and that poses a few issues. Plus my characters are not all 80 yet, I have two level 80’s (Troubador and Warden) and then a bunch hovering from 74-77 or so. Of course the biggest issue is the not knowing anyone portion. Najena has plenty of guilds – but a lot are also UK guilds or EU. They raid during the day time EST. There’s only a hand full of guilds raiding EST, one I know for sure raiding PST. We’ll see how it goes, I’ll probably just wait for the next expansion to release, and see where I’m sitting then. I hate falling behind in things, but it’s inevitable when my attention wanes.

Today I’m hoping to get either some levels for the illusionist, coercer, or faction for both, or some crafting (carpenter) levels on the coercer. We’ll see how it goes though. Knowing me I’ll decide to do something completely different, and I’ll wander off to start a quest I’ve had for a bit that’s gray, or what have you. I’m hoping the newest GU for EQ2 goes in soon, I know it’s on test already, so a week or two more and it should be moved to live as long as everything is going well. I’m so excited about the changes to quests, and banks. I just can’t say that enough.

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