Healing Time, and it’s all about the alts

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! Hope today is wonderful.

Some how I managed to convince Growlius, who is a good friend of mine from EQ2 and also plays VG with me – that EQ1 was actually not evil, and he should come play. Not to be confused here, he’s played before. A level 70 necro with his epic 1.0, 1.5, and 2500 aa… No wonder he thinks the game is evil. Even though he’s got no interest in joining up with the Nostalgia bit I’ve got going on, he’s at least playing. This meant of course that I needed yet another alt. I used to have a beastlord some time ago but deleted it before I got station access. I already have three healers, I dislike playing a tank, and I wanted something we could duo with (though lately I’m beginning to think anyone can make a fine duo). So we both decided to make beastlords. I went with my troll on the left, Bhelly. I am quite partial to the alligator pets – though I was even more partial to them before they revamped them and stuck them with 6 ugly legs as opposed to the normal versions that had four. Growlius created a Luclin born one (fitting, for our server) and off we went. We stuck with the tutorial only until level 5, both of us becoming very bored with it very fast. After that we went to Crescent Reach, and completed the beginner quests there. We basically got two levels for every one quest we did, it was great. Before long we made it to level 10, and called it a night.

Well, Growlius called it a night. I hung around for a bit longer – low and behold Lackey logged in. Since I switched from my cleric to my necromancer because we needed the dps more then we seemed to need the heals, I played my cleric with Lackey. We also teamed up with Rogbog, Zerker from Nostalgia. It made me realize how much I LOVE playing the cleric class, and how much I’d missed it. It was the first time aside from the tutorial I’d actually been in a group (even if it was small) for any of the content and not just solo’ing on her. There are two classes I seem to be partial to. Healers, and enchanters. The rest are ok, but nothing beats those two. We ran around Blightfire Moors, all of us more concerned with just getting experience then with questing. Both Lackey and myself each won a very nice item (think his was a necklace, and mine was an upgrade to my range slot) and a general good time was had by all. The cleric hit 26 and almost 27, Lackey the same, and Rogbog hit his level cap of 30 for the week. We were taking down red Briar Thorns, and didn’t even come close to dying, even though we some times had two. The Moors can be dangerous if you’re not sure where to go, especially since the zone is essentially for levels 20-40.

I had actually meant to play EQ2 yesterday, and never got around to it. I had work orders waiting for me in Vanguard which I did manage to get done, can’t have guild mates going without a house. EQ2 however just couldn’t quite interest me. I had every intention of finally hitting 78 on the coercer, and just couldn’t bring myself to log in for more then five minutes. Ah well, as long as I’m enjoying myself, I doubt it matters really which game I play.

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  1. hudson says:

    I wish i could join you all so bad! Do you know how long i have wanted to get back into EQ1? Unfortunately all my toons are on Povar. Long time player from 1999-2004

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