Spreading The Hate

Silhouette wandered around Gorowyn almost aimlessly, just watching. Tucked into corners here and there were angry citizens, taking out their frustrations on one another. That was one of the reasons she’d moved from the almost too quiet town of Freeport, to the bustling commerce city of Gorowyn any how. She thrived on the entertainment. Along her walk, someone tugged at the sleeve of her gown, insistent that she stop.

“What..” She groaned inwardly. No doubt the coward wanted some coin, or some food, or just.. something.

“Do you wish to spread the hate?” Spoke the raspy voice of whomever had grabbed her arm.

“Spread.. the hate?” She puzzled slightly, wondering if this was some new phrase the kids were using and she hadn’t quite caught on to yet.

“Y-Yes.. Misstress… seek out the Priest at the Innoruuk Spires, in Neriak. There you can pledge to spread the hate.. ”

“Well. Alright then. Thanks.” She deftly plucked her sleeve out of the grimy hands, and decided to head to Neriak. Spread the hate? Sure why not.

When she got there she found she was not the only one who had such ideas in her head. There was a line up to speak with the priest. She tapped her foot and shuffled impatiently from one side of the room to the next, waiting for her turn. Once it came, she was given a task.

“Collect rocks.” Was all the priest said, and pointed one bony finger to the rocky walls of Neriak where gems sparkled faintly.

“Rock.. right.. ” Silhouette almost bit back a chuckle, thinking it was some sort of joke. Collect rocks? That was going to help spread the hate? She thought for a minute longer. Well, perhaps they were going to use these rocks to throw at people! Yes, that would spread the hate for sure. No one liked having rocks thrown at them. She nodded to the priest, and went on her way, deftly plucking rocks from the walls and gathering them together in her skirt. Her finger nails were bleeding and broken by the time she returned, the gems having cut her fingers in numerous places. She would have been seething, were it not for the fact that she knew she was doing Innoruuk’s work.

“Bury, the rocks. Outside” The priest pointed a long bony finger towards Darklight Woods.

“You’ve got to be kidding..” Silhouette spoke without thinking. “You just made me collect all these rocks, and now, you want me to bury them, and some how, this is going to spread the hate?” She frowned deeply, and the priest just waved her off.

Well. What else was there to do. She left Neriak, her feet trudging up dirt and dust and rocks. Headed to Darklight Woods, where she found the perfect spots to bury her rocks. All 12 of them. She wished she’d brought along a shovel of some sort, but hadn’t exactly counted on THIS when the offer was presented to her. As the sun started to set, she buried the final rock, and wiped her hands on her grimy dress, that would need a solid washing. She trudged back to the priest in Neriak, and waited her turn, again.

“I buried the rocks. How does that spread hate?” She questioned.

The priest just looked to her.

“Here. Have a fire place. They’re on sale right now, at Wizzlewoop’s-Emporium-For-Marvelous-Wonderful-Things-That-Whirl-Glow-And-Go-Bang.” The priest grinned at her, and Silhouette almost thought for a brief moment she saw a gnome behind those eyes. It couldn’t be…

The fire place was thrust in her hands. Heavy. She dropped it on the floor, fuming, and cast a quick gate spell, enveloping herself and the fire place. Once she’d gotten it situated in her house, she figured it was free after all, Silhouette stood, and burst out laughing.

She supposed in the end, the quest had been completed after all. If she ever got her hands on that grimy little priest.. well.. there was certainly a lot of hatred started right there…

(( Today is GU45, and so in preparation I had to complete the evil quest that rewards you with the house item pictured above, the counterpart to the good aligned one which also gives you a fire place that I’d completed some time ago. They’ll be removing it (the quest) with today’s update, so be sure to finish yours up if you haven’t yet! ))

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