Butcherblock LDoN Still the same Great Place

Last night was our weekly meeting of Nostalgia, and though we had a booming show up the week before with almost two full groups – this week we were reduced down to just barely 7 people. It happens, unfortunately. People get busy, life happens, they decide they don’t want to play any more (even though we’ve got the lightest schedule invented) that’s just the way it works out. It could have been disappointing were it not for the fantastic attitude of those who did show up. I of course have a pet peeve with not knowing when someone is going to show up. I understand things often happen that are beyond our control, but when a group of people rely on you – let them know some how you won’t be there, so they’re not waiting all night wondering. I have so much appreciation for people who managed to let us know they’re going to be missing for the evening. It also seemed to be the night for incidents – Aerrik had to leave early due to a sick wife (hope she’s feeling better), Relm left to help some friends in WoW, Urtog had a family dinner to attend, and I can’t remember what else happened but DESPITE all of that – we still had a blast. Lost Dungeon Of Norrath – butcherblock style, has always been one of my absolute favorites.

Of course, there was the theory that SOMETHING had to go wrong. Last week it was me dragging around Malfi’s corpse right out from under him, and then being agro to the clockwork and wiping the group. This week? It was that half our group were physically stuck in the instance until the completion timer went off. That’s right, attempting to use the door brought about nothing at all. Dying of course moved you out of the instance – but who wants to pay to retrieve a stuck corpse? So we waited it out. Laughing Fearful for our lost comrades. The LDoN’s appeared to give roughly the same experience as they did two weeks ago. A level or so. More for the hard ones vs. the easy which of course makes sense. I only did two of them and sat the third out (had to eat, plus we had 7 people again anyhow so they could make a full group) and got two levels on the necromancer, reaching level 32.

Which, is fantastic. It means I can wander around Blightfire (which is still a hot zone) and attempt some of the quests in the zone without having to worry about leveling past my 35 level cap for this week.

Last night I also managed to track down my second account, holding Ellithia – a 68 cleric (with her epic) who I had three years ago. I splurged, and spent the $50 to move her to my main account (no need to box, I have station access and don’t want two accounts) exceptionally happy. I haven’t tried looking for a group (yet) but I’m hoping I can drag Kragnn (necromancer) or Kuron (warrior) around for some experience. I doubt there’s really anything I can solo. I tried to wander around Goru’Kar Mesa (a zone off of Blightfire) last night in an attempt at obtaining artifact pieces for a quest – but it was slow going without invis and the guards around the humble town I was wandering across hated me, badly.

There’s nothing quite so embarrassing as getting beaten down by a small swarm (2-3) of gray guards.

Next week we are off to Mistmoore Castle – it should be a blast. We could still REALLY use a second tank, a rogue, and an enchanter. If anyone’s interested, please check out our forums here and let us know you’d like to join. If you’re afraid about being behind (Our levels this week should range from 30-35) I will personally help you get to that level by Friday — if you’ve got the time and are dedicated to playing with us. Please don’t let the level 35 current level range deter you if that’s all it is. Experience really is quite fast still and we really could use a few more players before we hit the more ‘difficult’ levels (which I assume are going to start mid 40’s low 50’s.. but I could be wrong).

Since I have two clerics now, and haven’t played Ishbel in Nostalgia at all – but also have a 31 druid who’s a lot of fun, I’m thinking of deleting Ishbel. Not just for the sake of deletion of course, but I really don’t need / want two clerics. I have a 31 druid who’s in range for Lackey / Nostalgia purposes, and I also have a 40 shaman should the need ever arise. I’m at 10/10 characters, and I wouldn’t mind having the freedom to make someone new if I wanted. I’ll contemplate it a little more today first before making the decision I suppose.

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