Blackburrow Gnolls Hit the Floor

Nostalgia met up last night in EQ2 for some good old fashioned Blackburrow hunting. I’ve been feeling very under the weather the past two days, so I wasn’t exactly much help, in fact barely even made it over to play having spent most of the afternoon sleeping. I really hate feeling like I’ve disappointed anyone though, so when Mayadhros gave me a few nudges (I was in EQ1 at the time just hanging out) I decided I should log over to EQ2 and play for a bit. It started out with just three of us, Dunnos (our trusty mystic), Mayadhros (the paladin with a heart of gold), and Minxe, my swashbuckler. It quickly grew though as we added Kasul (the dinner cooking assassin), Said (A conjuror with no hair as a high elf I’m pretty sure.. that just feels wrong), and Bryzon (Our bruiser who loved feigning around) logged in. We didn’t grab any quests for the zone aside from the ones that dropped (there’s the gnoll language quest, as well as a key quest and a few other things) but we did run around hunting named and smushing whatever happened our way.

It was mostly to get a feel for playing with one another, and I had a lot of fun. Hopefully everyone else did as well. Even though we were mentored to 15 (which ended up being 17 very quickly) everyone still learned aa and experience which is one of the best things about the EQ2 mentor system. There’s no worries of out leveling anyone because you can always go back and mentor them. You can always go see old world content that you missed, and there’s so much to do.

Before I relogged to my 74 templar to help out – things were hard. The trio we started with couldn’t handle the blue ^^^ heroic named because we had a white ^^^ add that was a little too much for us. Pulling was still dangerous. It was fun. I had not been in blackburrow for quite some time and it was completely empty. I remember when that zone used to be so popular and it’s actually quite small, you’d end up bumping into all sorts of people just maneuvering around.

There are some book quests that drop randomly from mobs that I’d hoped to pick up but alas none dropped while I was there. I’ll be taking Minxes back to Timerous Deep to finish up some chains there and catch her back up to Dunnos level wise. So far the swashbuckler has been a lot of fun to play, and I’m hoping I can actually stick with her. We’ll see how it goes. The coercer is still there too, I need to get her another level and get going on that epic so I can actually complete it one day (maybe).

2 Responses to Blackburrow Gnolls Hit the Floor

  1. Kasul says:

    I think my dinner may have been better than my dps that night, but I think a good time was had by all! Let’s group again soon!

  2. Kuron says:

    Hmmmm, so you got in and out of Blackburrow, killed yourself a boatload of gnolls and escaped without a single leg-hump?

    Yea, I definitely wasn’t there if that’s the case!

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