Not our Corpse – Stonehive Fun

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t my corpse.”

“What do you mean it isn’t your corpse, you know the people here are professionals, right? We don’t make mistakes.

“But it’s not my corpse, it’s all wrong!”

“We. Don’t. Make. Mistakes.”

“Look. If I was some two foot dwarf with NO hair, don’t you think I’d have known that before hand?”

“Perhaps you shaved, Sir. It’s not our concern to check the patrons before hand for their body hair.”

*Waving a beard around* “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I SHAVED?”

*A few feet away another discussion is going on*

“This is not my body.”

“Miss, we don’t make mistakes.”

“But look, the scales are a completely different colour, her hair isn’t even cut the same, and she’s at LEAST four times smaller then me!”

“Can you take another look? Our staff are certain this is indeed you.”

*Insert screams of frustration here*

It was late, but it was fun. Last night Tipa, Urtog, Lackey, and myself (on the cleric, not the necromancer) headed to Stonehive, a zone just off of Blightfire Moors. None of us had been there before, but Lackey had a few quests requiring the area. The mobs at the beginning were white and yellow to us. The further in we moved, the more red they became.

We died a whole lot at the start (well, everyone else did. Me, I ran in true cleric form) until Tipa joined up and we dropped one very disagreeable necromancer who felt the need to tell me for half an hour how it was our fault he had died (he had unscribbed feign death for the better of the group before hand) and how it would take him hours to get all those buffs he had again. That’s part of the game, was all I could tell him. Once Tipa joined we only died once – at the very end. By that point we were knee deep in bixie parts and having a lot of fun with it. Or at least I assume everyone was, it was late and I could have been hallucinating.

The best part, is I got to play my cleric in a group. I’ve gone on about how I loved to heal and not only how I loved to but how I was GOOD at it too (wow who’d have guessed!) for some time with nothing to back it up because I’m never healing. Last night everyone brought their A game though, and we did fantastic. Especially for four of us, in a zone filled with red.

Many levels were earned. Not sure about everyone else but I went from level 30-34 (almost, I’m 10% shy which is one kill in Blightfire). Tipa hit level 36, Urtog 35, and Lackey 34. A lot of quest items dropped which made me think I should have almost grabbed them first (the quests, that is) and a new cloak for Tipa and Urtog also dropped.

Before hand I got my monk to level 20, which was nice. Duo’ing with another monk when we both have feign death is also a good thing – though it’s too low on either of us to be exceptionally effective. I’ve been having a lot of fun in EQ1, and perhaps neglecting EQ2 some what – though I did manage to quest yesterday and finish off my Jarsath Waste gate hammer (finally). When I’m having so much fun in one game (for now at least) there’s no real desire to switch back and forth.

Thanks again Nostalgia The Guild for a fantastic night!

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  1. Urtog says:

    I thought I made my instructions to the Body Summoner pretty clear:

    “Bring me my corpse.”

    But I guess because of his language translation enchantments being not quite perfect he heard:

    “Waiter, I’m famished, please to be bringing from the mists a dainty Cornish Leprechaun for the satiation of my palette!”

    Bastards, but I was feeling a bit hungry. Who am I to call them wrong?

    Nom nom nom.

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