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As most know, in EQ1 I have a plethora of alts. Always have. I originally signed up for Nostalgia the Guild with my cleric, however we honestly had enough healers – and so I switched to my necromancer who happened to be the right level when we were lacking dps. Upon further contemplation though, I’ve decided to level up a rogue to play with our Friday night groups. The big thing for me was to play something that actually relied on having a group, since that’s exactly what I’d have. The necromancer is fun, and a lot of dps – but she can solo just as easily as she groups. Not exactly what I was looking for there.

Along comes Dainty.

She’s a gnome rogue, sporting hot pink and black armor, with an affinity for shinies (which can be said for all rogues I’m fairly certain) and a fear of blood. I plan on working out some sort of role play story for her that I haven’t concocted quite yet. I love making up background histories and what not for my characters.

Last night thanks to temperance from one Brita, and buffs continuously from one very kind druid, I managed to make my way from 1-24 with relative ease. The goal is to be 30-35 by this Friday, and geared – with my skills worked up. Maybe not disarm trap as I’d have to actually go find, you know, traps. If there are lower levels where I can do this, please someone let me know. I’m already planning on a Befallen trip to work the lock picking (thanks Tipa for reminding me what that zones name was).

Aside from leveling up the rogue, I had the opportunity to tag along with Urtog while he worked on a weapon quest for a giant ancient road sign. Or at least that’s what the end result looks like. It’s either that or a primitive spanking rod, or perhaps a fly swatter. I’m not quite sure. Either way, congratulations to him for finishing that off.

It was also the Tuesday night Nostalgia run, they headed to Unrest and you can find Tipa’s amazing write up of the event. There’s still some time to join both the Friday and the Tuesday groups – and we’re also starting up a UK group (though there’s no set day yet that they’ll be meeting, there will be shortly). The level cap for the Tuesday group is (I believe) 25, the Friday group is 35, and anyone is more then welcome to come. Friday is looking for an enchanter, but as always we want people to play whatever they enjoy. What’s the point of paying $15 a month if you’re not playing something you have fun with.

As I leveled up the rogue I read over SOE’s emails to me (each ding) suggesting places to get experience. One place was Stonebrunt Mountains, a place I hadn’t been to in ages. I couldn’t even remember any camps for this zone. It was of course, empty. I also headed over to the Overthere, which was also – you guessed it. Empty. In fact the only places that weren’t empty, were Crescent Reach, and Blightfire Moors. Not that it bothered me too much since I was just trying to catch the rogue up for Friday.

Today I’m fairly confident I can get the rogue the rest of the way to 30-35, and get her skills worked on. I am also eager to not only begin poison crafting, but tinkering. The one tradeskill I’ve rarely (if ever) delved in. I’m looking forward to it!

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  1. Urtog says:


  2. stargrace says:

    Thanks for the heads up Tipa! Once I get to 30-35 or so I’ll head over there to work the trap bit (gawd even my 70 rogue could stand to do that I suppose) and work on the bazillion other skills she needs to get up. I’m actually excited! LoL.

    Ah, Urtog. I think YOU were more eager then I was. ;)

  3. Tipa says:

    Hmmm that’s kind of muddy. The swinging axe and popping spikes in Sol A and the crusher in Sol B are both disarmable traps that you can spam and quickly raise your skill.

  4. Tipa says:

    You’re amazing :)

    Befallen lock-picking will take you to your cap. I also used the pendulum traps in Sol A and Sol B. After that, I used the locked door outside Venril Sathir’s lair, and lastly for the last few points, the door to Jared Dar’s Shade in Dragon Necropolis. You need a picklock mod to do that. When we do the group trials in Muramite Proving Grounds (yes, I am dreaming), you’ll be using picklock so much; one trial can be won entirely by picking locks.

    After reading your post, I want to go to Stonebrunt! For the first few weeks it opened, there were people camping there, I even had a few groups. I looked over the Wazikashi quest there, and I think Tipa’s weapons are better. But I am wondering if we need to head to the Outpost of Firiona Vie and work on the Wurmslayer?

    I might still do that Wazikashi of the Frozen Skies quest just because Warrens-era weapons are really cool.

  5. Urtog says:

    Thanks for helping me get the spanking apparatus. You were so eager to help me get it, I guess you were just looking forward to helping me. I’m not sure why you’d want me to have something like this in my possession so very badly.

    *looks at it*

    It doesn’t even seem like an effective weapon. It would honestly be better suited, as we joked, for bending someone over my knee and giving them a right good spanking. I bet it could make a bum really pink, but not bruised. Like…if a “perfect spanking” could exist…this object would definitely be able to deliver it.

    *looks at it again*

    Really strange that you were so eager to have me receive it. Oh well, thanks for all the help and good luck getting Dainty to 35 by Friday – I know you can do it! I believe in you!

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