Me Ogre. You Tasty.

It was fairly easy to get the rogue to 35 yesterday, and shortly after noon she was set for Friday. Minus the skills I still need to work up (lock picking, disarm trap, sneak and hide just to name the basics). I also decided on a role play story for the little gnome. She thinks she’s an ogre. Which means my first line of business is of course to teach her ogre, I’ll do that later today. I imagine that it will be difficult to play in my Nostalgia groups only speaking ogre but ideally that’s what I plan on doing. There’s always vent for other things I need to say. I took her to Stonehive for the last five levels and not only did her melee cloak drop (same one Urtog and Tipa had gotten a few nights back) but a caster cloak also dropped (seems to be rare) for Lackey. An augment also dropped that I quickly added to the cloak. We stayed at the entrance and pulled just the main floor of the hive itself, but it was still fun. No bum imprints in the honey this time around.

I started working on her cultural armor a bit last night, and managed to get her ancient book which lets me make backpacks of patterns. Next step is to work her tinkering to around 100-150 or so in order to make the level 35-40 gear. Or I could just make the level 15-20 gear since it’s just fine for now. Gnomes have one small advantage (if you could call it that, it’s more like a difference) in that they can either craft their gear through blacksmithing – or tinkering.

Since the ‘main’ skill I’d like to work up (aside from poison crafting) is tinkering, I’ll be sticking with that. I do need to find a better site though for tinkering information. EQtraders is alright, but they’re lacking any real section on the skill, and instead just have a host of recipes with trivial listed. Tipa also suggested a site for the rogue that has slipped my mind and I’ll have to nudge her about that again (I want to say.. safe house?). All in all, I’m excited to be playing the rogue and haven’t even poked into Eq2 for some time. It’s nice to find something that I can focus my attention on and not feel swayed by other games (yet).

EQ1 is down for 8 hours today for maintenance which seems to be the same no matter what game I play. Last night in game was quiet with Urtog testing out his spanking rod (on mobs, lets not get any ideas here), and Gozad working up his feign death. It shouldn’t be too much longer now before I stop moving like a herd of elephants, and more like a cat stalking its prey.

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  1. loredena says:

    It figures that I take a day off, and my games patch! :p The safehouse is a great resource for all things roguely, and even some that aren’t. Just warn everyone you’ll be speaking in ogre so they can put a training point or two into it. Eventually they’ll gain skill in it as you talk, but it’s slow going at first. I remember language lessons in groups (we’d all hotkey things, and each of us would speak in a different language — something to do on boats especially!).

  2. Urtog says:

    Hmmm, yes I didn’t have my required full dose of Stargrace yesterday.

    I was left wanting!

  3. stargrace says:

    Thanks for the address hon, and the grats!

    Ohh, grats yourself on the new music! Sounds like you had a pretty good night *cheers*

  4. Tipa says: :)

    Grats on 35!

    I wanted to get on, but I was too into American Idol. On the other hand, I burnt myself a CD of all David Cook’s Idol songs and his unofficial album, Analog Heart, which got me through the night just fine :)

    And playing in the SmallWorlds beta, too.

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