Doing It The Hard Way

Last night was Mistmoore Castle, and above is the only screen shot I managed to take the entire time we were there. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong. Malfi (healer) wasn’t there, Relm (beastlord) wasn’t there, Aerrik (other healer) was very low level and ended up being disconnected (we think) part way in – which left group one with no healer as Coldheat also had a sudden emergency and had to go afk for the evening. Urtog (group two’s tank) also had to leave part way through leaving Tipa and Rogbog as our tanks. There was no doubt we were in Mistmoore Castle, this is what the zone was known for (and still is to this day). We combined two groups into one and after numerous deaths, and trains of various sizes, we decided to head to a LDoN to cap off the night –

Where we also died twice more.

Well, ok it was only once more but I died twice more since I decided to spam heal while waiting on an evac. At least I provided suitable distractions for everyone else to get away. Oh yes, did I mention I healed? That’s because despite having spent the majority of my time this week leveling up a rogue, working her skills, and making her armor – I played the cleric.

The forces of the universe were obviously against me. I make a healer and we’ve a surplus, so I switch to a necro, then switch to a rogue, and then back to the healer. Thankfully, I have the time to keep both characters (at least for a bit) within our level ranges. I also enjoy both a great deal. I spent the majority of the beginning of the evening (before we’d actually started) role playing UghUgh the ogre rogue (aka Dainty, the gnome) as her true ogre self. It happened to coincide with a new recruit to Nostalgia the Guild who didn’t speak ogre and had no idea what I was going on about. It was great. Thankfully Tipa and Gozad managed to pick up ogre before this whole incident began. I plan on keeping it up – at least with the rogue. Ishbel (the cleric) has no such rp yet, and I haven’t really managed to think of one for her. That’s not to say I won’t, though.

I still had a lot of fun. I still highly encourage anyone who wants to come play in our static Friday groups to get a hold of someone in guild and let us know. The level caps for this week are 35-40 and there are people willing to help you (for now while the level is low) level up. I can’t help people who don’t play though.

The rest of the evening was spent in Stonehive on high level characters killing the Queen (aka: Watching Tipa kill it) who dropped a caster earing that was actually an upgrade to my enchanter, and a few goodies for our lower level characters. One of the highlights for the evening, for me of course, was the Manic Mushroom, and the little ditty I made up to the tune of ‘Manic Monday’. Ah, good times.

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