City of Mist, Temperance, and Fun..

This weekend has been fun. In fact, so fun that I completely forgot to take screenshots. I know, I’m bad. Last night (was it only last night?) Tipa, Lackey, my favorite warrior Urtog, and of course myself (as Ishbel, the cleric) headed out for fun and mischief. We found plenty of both. It started off of course when Tipa’s own druid forgot to bring.. TIPA along in the port to Emerald Jungle. Or maybe it started before that when we spent 20 minutes deciding where to go. Either way, that set the tone for the night, and I barely stopped laughing until we finished our adventures.

We headed to City of Mist, a favorite zone of mine in the past, and made our way to the stables. There was no one around (surprise surprise) and it’s not a hot zone but the experience was steady. Breaking camp is always the best part of any group, and Urtog managed it with Ease. Lackey nuked away while his pet DPS’d and Tipa did it all, tanking, dps’ing, you name it. I sat and looked pretty in scales, of course.

We were lucky, it seemed that every named was up waiting just for us when we zoned in. It started with the Mighty (red) Golem right at the entrance who dropped a pretty face piece for me. Then we took down a few ghosts and a shield dropped with mana preservation III on it. Very nice. Lackey also got himself a shield, though it wasn’t quite as nice as mine, it was better then the nothing he was wearing before. A pair of plate gloves found their way to the guild bank, and the only down side to the evening was that we reached our level cap for this week – again – too early.

It’s only Monday and we can’t play our Nostalgia characters until Friday, for fear of out leveling everyone else. Tipa’s already 41 and creeping up on 42, Ishbel is 20% away (though she’s not technically my Nostalgia character). Lackey isn’t a part of the Friday night groups and he swung by 42. Urtog sits comfortably at 40.

Since I hit 40, it was time for me to work on my temperance spell, a cleric quest that’s really quite easy. All it requires is talking to an npc in Gunthak, heading over to Dulak Harbor, being on the right boat (gulps) and killing things there until it drops. Tipa came to the rescue, and her third mob in, found an emblem. I’d be lost without her what can I say. I ran back to Gunthak, talked to the npc again, and set off for the beaches to find the female erudite ghost – who was also up.

Give her the new emblem, and presto, I have temperance.

At level 45 I’ll be able to scribe the group version of this spell, which is waiting for me, having already made it with Kameeko (I like being able to research, though the new method is a little.. odd). All in all, the weekend has been great. I wandered around Stone Hive some more today with Growlius’ necromancer, though not too much dropped for me. In Dulak I found a nice pair of shoulders for Ishbel – though the rogue is a little harder to gear up. I’m hoping to drag her around to finish some quests, or maybe craft her some more pieces of gear like jewelery. We’ll have to see I suppose.

All in all, just another great day gaming. Now if I could just remember to take screen shots while I’m having so much fun…

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  1. Tipa says:

    Yeah, watching the rest of the group disappear while I was left in CR was the most fun ever :P

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