Just so much to do

One thing (of many) that I’m completely loving in EQ1 is just how much there is to do. In EQ2 I feel as though I’ve done it all, or at least come pretty close to it. I’ve seen all the zones, run all the instances, I may not have my epic, but pretty much everyone else does. Getting 140aa is easy and there’s nothing really left to do anymore. I mentioned before about how you’re not supposed to feel like you can ‘beat’ an mmo because there’s always something left for you to do – and while in EQ2 I don’t feel as though that’s true, in EQ1 it certainly is.

Early in the evening yesterday Malfi and Binxs logged in, along with Woosao, Tipa, and myself, and we headed to Blightfire Moors to get some levels. Malfi was away on business when we ran our Nostalgia group last week, and Binxs could use the exp as well. So I logged to Minxe, my dark elf necromancer. She was level 32 at the time, and after all was said and done after two hours or so we’d all gained 3-5 levels, it was nice. Tipa joined us as a level 30, in shroud form. Mostly to try it out rather then anything else. In the end she’d actually gained two regular levels – something she was trying to avoid. It was great that she could lower her level to play with us, but until we hit level 51 and stop gaining experience in favor of aa, it’s frustrating.

I managed to craft my level 33 pet spell (cheers) and set off to Abysmal Sea to gather the rest. Since Minxe is no longer my progression character, I’ve decided to stop playing my level 30 monk with Woosao, and to play Minxe. That means I can delete the 30 monk, and thus have another character slot open (which is rare for me). That leaves me with: 70 rogue, 68 enchanter, 68 cleric, 45 shadowknight, 40 cleric, 38 rogue, 36 necromancer, 33 druid, and a level 7 beastlord.

Yes, I have two clerics, and two rogues. Not sure what I’d like to make next, I’m sure I can figure it out though. Lackey (magician) logged in and promptly headed to Najena to hunt for a broom and shovel. Apparently these items are used in some magician focus items (and thus for the epic 1.0 as well further down the road) and he was having some difficulty getting things to drop. Urtog (faithful warrior that he is) volunteered to help him out, and within the hour had gathered so many pieces Lackey needed, it made my head spin.

All I managed to do was get Lackey killed – supposedly twice. We went to Ocean of Tears (and me on my 68 cleric) to kill a few Seafury Cyclopes and steal their toes.

Now, I know this may be hard to believe – but –

It was my first EQ1 boat ride, ever. Apparently, they used to be a lot longer, but when I started playing 3-4 years ago, the boats were all broken, and Translocators were set up on docks in order to port you to your destination. It was nice to see that the boats were back, and I enjoyed the ride. In another short hour Lackey had all of the pieces he needed, and later today I’m sure he’ll eagerly complete the quests granting him his items. Aside from the death (or two) it was a great night, again spent with great friends. The Tuesday Nostalgia group was canceled for the night, since one of it’s key members was called away unavoidably (the healer). They were meant to spend the night in Najena, but it looks as though it’ll have to be next week instead. I never did spend that much time there leveling up.

I’m pleased that most of the people who were slightly behind in Nostalgia (the Friday run) have caught up the few levels they needed. Coldheat, Malfi, and Binxs, with Gozad not too far behind. Aerrik and Sev still have a little work (Sev being away for medical reasons) and Said as well, I believe. This Friday we’re heading to do Everfrost LDoNs, which I’m sure will be interesting. This is another one of those camps that I dislike, and I can’t quite recall why. No doubt Nostalgia the Guild will change my mind though.

Between leveling, hunting for gear upgrades, doing random quests, crafting, getting excited about aa, and where Nostalgia the Guild is going next, well. The game is pretty booming, what can I say. For now it’s still my ‘game of choice’ though I do wander into EQ2 still on occasion. Having a group of steady friends on has been just the thing I needed.

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  1. Kasul says:

    Maybe that’s why crazy Miragul became a lich in the first place… he knew it would take far more than a lifetime to perfect his slinky stair technique! He had to show up Meldrath somehow, after Mel designed the gizmatic oscillating slinkwalker!

    I know having a group of friends is the key to everything, and losing one was a big part of why I left gaming a couple years ago. I’m glad that when I came back to it I could find a group of friends like you all to join.

  2. Urtog says:

    The reason you hate Miragul’s Menagerie is because whoever wrote up the schematics to design that place was obviously in a great amount of haste to complete them as he was being attacked by wolverines. There are pointless staircases that do nothing. I suppose if Miragul were a Bristlebane worshipper it would make sense, but following the story of Miragul, there’s no reason for a hallway to have such wacky architecture.

    Picture yourself walking down a hall that leads to some stairs. Good, now walk down the stairs. Great job. Now when you get to the bottom of the stairs there is, immediately, another set of stairs going up on the other side. There’s no floor in between. The last step is also the first step. It’s down, down, down, down, down, up, up, up, up, up. When you get to the top there’s another hallway and you continue on.

    This dungeon is the Valhalla of any small child who delights in rump-scooting down stairs, and is quite possibly the ultimate slinky testing ground.

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