When Tinkering Goes Dreadfully Wrong

For the past two days, this has been the new look to the magus in the guild lobby. The model is called a “Girplan” (I believe.. I may have gotten it wrong after all) and if memory serves, came out with Gates of Discord. Or at least, I remember fighting a whole lot of these guys for someone’s epic in a discord zone. I think they look sort of cute. Still curious how it ended up that way though. Maybe project illusion can be cast on npc (an enchanter aa) or a bored GM was wandering around. In any case, it was something I noticed as I headed to the guild hall, and couldn’t help giggling over.


Just so much to do


A History of the Sporconid

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  1. It was a bored GM :) He was doing it when I was passing through last weekend.

    Do you know that, as far as I can tell, only we Nostalgia bloggers blog regularly about EQ1?

    Kind of humbling.

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