What is it..

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it looks pretty cool. Hard to tell, but his eyes actually don’t line up at all, as though he’s got some horrible deformities under that helm. It’s wonderful the various things you see while you’re standing around the bazaar (or guild lobby, for that matter).

As an experiment, and from listening to Tipa talk about her shrouded experience, I decided to try it out myself. I took Kameeko, the 68 enchanter, and shrouded her down to level 15, a bear warrior (I want to be like Urtog).

I know shrouding her down to 30-40 would probably be a better level range, but for now, this works. After 1.5 hours of hanging out in Paludal Caverns, with mobs that were mostly red and yellow, I gated back to PoK to revert to my ‘normal’ self, and gained 3% regular exp, and 59% of a level through my shroud form (hoping to unlock the wolf one next).

Not bad. Next I’m going to switch all that to aa experience, and perhaps up the level of the shroud, to see what a difference it makes. I had a level 50 druid trailing with me for heals and buffs. I imagine I can go to stone hive with much the same set up and kill there. The closer to your natural level you are (I assume) the more experience you gain while shrouded. Rogbog came along as well, and gained a level and a half from the shroud experience, leveling from 37-38.

Two of the new ‘defiant’ pieces also dropped. For those who haven’t heard, these are random bits of gear that SOE accidentally threw into live yesterday. The stats are FAR superior to pretty much everything out there. They work by tier, and are amazing. I wasn’t sure what was going on with them, so I poked around the eqplayer forums, and discovered a few devs speaking up about this incident. They admitted they were not meant to go live yesterday, and that they WILL be nerfed in the future, so people shouldn’t count on them having the stats they have now.

Good thing. I found a level 26-40 chain helm that has +spell dmg, some sort of sight buff (for those who don’t see well) +20-16 to various stats, and I didn’t have to do any real work to get it aside from killing bixie in stone hive (which was pretty boring). I prefer my crafted stuff that I worked so hard to make. I hope to see this fixed, alas it probably won’t be until next week some time.

Tonight is Nostalgia night, we’re headed to Everfrost LDoN. I’m fairly certain I’ll be playing Dainty (call it a hunch) it should be interesting, to say the least. Maybe this time I’ll remember to take screen shots.

2 Responses to What is it..

  1. Urtog says:

    Looks like a corrupted paladin.

    Corrupted with plutonium.

  2. Tipa says:

    That’s one of Druzzil Ro’s scholar creatures from the Prophecy of Ro expansion. You can see millions of them once you start on the PoR missions, which I hated, mostly due to the lack of easy lev and invisibility required to get to most of them.

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