What a Weekend

Farmer McClein was having an issue with his fields. Nothing would grow. He’d found a scroll buried there and decided that perhaps reciting from it, would force his crops to sprout up.

That was the basic GM message Norrath heard on Sunday, so myself (as Qutey, for porting) and Kuron headed to Karana (the zone, not the site) to see what was going on. I quickly realized I was going to be way too small to be of any use – the only down side to these EQ1 GM events. I figured I’d stick around and take pictures. Kuron got to be part of the fun, though.

Not even 10 minutes went by before the zone was teaming with people (48 total) and the event was under way. The farmer began to read from his scroll, and suddenly there were crazy giant scarecrows popping up all over his feet, as we felt a tremble beneath us. The details of what happened after that are hazy to me, since I wasn’t actually part of the fighting – but I assume a raid was formed, and scarecrows were squished. In the end, folks got summoned party mugs, the farmers payment for their aid. Loot was also given out as the scarecrows were wielding pretties – including (from what I was told) two BoC – also known as blade  of carnage which used to be super uber (and probably still are).

This is what I missed when I played EQ2. In EQ2 the raids are limited to 24 people. No more, and typically less. There’s no sense of something being ‘bigger’ then you. It’s a matter of WHEN you will kill it. Not IF you will kill it. You can always say ‘we just need more gear, we just need the strat, then we’ll have this down’ in EQ2. In EQ1, some things are just bigger then you and they’re going to hold domain. You’re going to NEED a certain amount of people who ALL know what they’re doing and no amount of gear is going to change the fact that it is a hard fight. You can have the strat handed to you, and it’s still not going to help unless you can coordinate a mass bunch of people. I have so much respect for anyone who does an EQ1 pick up raid (and I’ve been on a few myself). The leaders of those have to deal with SO much it’s astounding.

I miss this sort of raiding.

Aside from the GM event, the weekend was just fantastic. I’m trying to learn the new ‘duo’ and ‘trio’ settings for jewelery and different gems they implemented and how they work – which is slow going. I actually decided to subscribe to allakhazam for 6 months so I could get more detailed information. I don’t mind paying for a service like that when I’m actually using it on a daily basis.

The crafting is coming along, even if it is slowly. I want to work on Kameeko’s trophies for crafting and I’ve been well behind in that. Kuron managed to get his though, and since it’s an evolving item, has been busy leveling it. Lucky.

I also got into an exp group last night where – I was the tank.

That’s right, my jaw just about hit the floor too. Pretty much everyone knows I don’t do the tank thing. At least not well. Last night I dusted off Satia, my (at the time) 45 shadowknight, and along with Lackey (42 magician) and Krann (50 druid) we headed to Dulak Harbor to see what trouble we could get into. It was a great night for coin, and drops. We had a booster pack drop for the group, and while most groups would /random 100 to see who makes out with 45k, I suggested we sell the booster, and split the money three ways. Since everyone in the group is friends with one another, it seemed like a fairly good idea. No longer then 10 minutes had passed with me in trader mode, and what do you know, the booster pack sold. Lackey got a new pair of shoulders, as did I, and Krann’s monk. We had a good split of money by the end since so many gems dropped, and we had fun chattering away in vent while I pulled (and Krann ganked). I don’t think I did too bad tanking, I was good with my taunts, I could typically peel adds off, and even though I was out of mana a whole lot, it didn’t feel like I sucked horribly. Who knows though, my two group mates may think differently.

Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, or better friends to spend it with.

4 Responses to What a Weekend

  1. Taymar says:

    On the other hand, as a member of a small-but-perfectly-formed raiding guild in EQ1, we struggled to beat the encounters with limited numbers and were frustrated to see people zerg the same bosses. No tactics, just throwing bodies and dps at the mob until it collapsed under the weight. So in EQ2 it is kind of nice to see it a bit more balanced. I am not saying that the strategies are SO intense or anything, but we found it a real challenge to work out how to do encounters with 24 that other guilds doing with 6 groups and ten clerics.

  2. Tanliel says:

    Psst … you can go to EQTraders (for free!) and take a look at the jewelcrafting stuff there. I’d highly recommend the forums, as lots of good discussion and things take place there. Take a look at Kyroskranes Jewelry stuff as well.

  3. Tipa says:

    *sigh* I wish my weekends weren’t so busy all the time!!! I want to play more!!!!

    That GM event sounded neat!

  4. Urtog says:

    Aye, a great weekend! It was actually the longest-feeling weekend I’ve had in a really long time. I really appreciate everyone I spent it with who made it one of the best weekends in a god’s age.

    Not a typo! IT’S BEEN THAT LONG!


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