It’s all in the Cut

I’ve spent a good bit pouring over jewel crafting this last little while, trying to figure out the SoF (Secrets of Faywder) method of doing things. It was interesting, to say the least. Frustrating at times, but once I’d figured it out, I was happy. Jewel crafting is one of the most expensive skills in EQ1 to work up. Thankfully, my jewel crafter (my enchanter, of course) is already maxed in her skill. Enchanters get the ability to enchant the metals used in the crafting. Very handy to have, of course. Then there are aa to reduce the amount of failures, and there’s also an aa called salvage, which lets you potentially regain a bit that you may have lost on a failed combine. Not bad. It’s needed almost, when bits are so expensive.

I came across two very handy sites that explained what I wanted to know. First and foremost being this post that set me on my way. Then afterwards, a guild mate linked me this very handy gem calculator. I love it. I was just complaining yesterday about how difficult it was to know exactly what you were going to get in the end – because this jewelery doesn’t show any stats until AFTER you’ve put it on, making it no trade. I really appreciate all the work that everyone puts into that sort of thing. Now, KyrosKrane (the writer of that calculator, and MANY other very handy crafting tid bits such as this guide on the EverQuest trophy trivial analysis) used to be my guild leader. Way back when. I don’t remember who I played at the time, and I know he wouldn’t remember me, but I remember him. He was a crafter at heart even four + years ago and is very well known in the community.

Anyhow. I found those two bits of information and suddenly it was all crystal clear. Now I can finally make items for my guild mates (and myself) and know what they’re going to end up with. At least that’s ONE thing (or rather, 7 things if you count two rings, two earrings, two bracelets, and one neck) that the defiant gear hasn’t taken away from me. There are no defiant jewelery drops.

Thank goodness.

There are posts everywhere about the defiant gear stuff. Dev’s had originally said they’d be nerfed which I have yet to see. More likely they’re waiting for the two months of ‘summer fun’ to wear off before they bring out their bats. When the newly returning players have all left again and there’s nothing but loyal customers around to swing it at. That’s the way this works, right?

I know I come across as bitter, and in some aspects, I am. I still love EQ1, the community and the people I’ve met. I dislike how in order to put ‘work’ and ‘effort’ into my character – instead of farming old world zones I have to mindlessly kill and hope for a lucky drop. Anyhow.

Last night Ishbel dinged 47. Yes, that’s two levels above the 45 mark, I know. I also know that at 45 she was getting exp just fine with a level 68. So I’m hoping, that these two extra levels can be over looked. I know we have level ranges for LDoN, but since this week is not a LDoN night, I’m really hoping no one gets mad at the extra levels. If I’m so concerned why did I gain them? Well, I really enjoy playing Ishbel. When I’m on of course naturally I want to play her. Plus a healer is typically needed. So last night when Sevaran, Lackey, and Urtog all decided to go to Dulak harbor to get some experience, I was right there. I was 45 when I started, honestly. Dulak is a hot zone, which has a bonus to exp. On top of that bonus, is another 25% bonus for this whole summer legacy bit. I dinged two and a half levels in less then two hours off of light blue mobs.

That’s always been unheard of to me in the past.

It was a good group. Three pieces of defiant armor dropped, or maybe it was four. Plate legs (grats Ishbel, Urtog already had them) plate shoes (grats Urtog) and a leather breastplate (grats Malfi, I believe). I think there may have been one more piece of plate, but it slips my mind. Helm? Yeah, it was a helm (grats Ishbel). Unfortunately no cloth dropped for our two casters, nor did any chain drop to pass off to guild mates (Tipa). Maybe we’ll have better luck another time.

3 Responses to It’s all in the Cut

  1. Hudson says:

    I hate trying to figure out gems in World of Warcraft as well, and I am sure EQ’s is much more in depth. Good luck with that

  2. Kasul says:

    I remember collaborating with KyrosKrane on the EQ Traders boards a long time ago. Back in the good old days, looking for Brodder’s Revenge, and later the secrets to making a dark phylactery. I didn’t know him in the game though, I wonder how he found time to be a guild leader in between the obsessive posting about tradeskills (and the grinding that went into raising them!)

  3. Tipa says:

    Heh… Urtog handed me three pieces of chain last night, I guess farmed earlier, so I’m doing well and my stats are sky-rocketing, as I suppose everyone’s are…

    I’ll have to look into this jewelry…

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