The eyes, the eyes!

Last night was another one of those ‘wow, I have so much to do, what do I start with’ type of nights. To begin with I spent a good chunk of time making jewelery. I spent way too much money, especially on failed combines. I may be maxed in my craft, but without maxing out on some particular aa’s like salvage and a reduced failure rate (I need the next two ranks) it’s quite common for me to fail on a combine – especially when the gems I’m cutting trivial around 450. Ouch. In the end, Urtog ended up with a new set of jewelery, as did Krann, Ishbel, and Gnewton. Ishbel almost makes me want to cry. She has just about as much mana at level 47, as my level 68 cleric does. She could still potentially wear two more pieces of jewelery with +300 mana on them as well, but for now I’ve opted not to. She’s sitting at 4500, Ellithia (the 68) is sitting at 5000. Way back when that wasn’t too shabby, but over the three years I was away, things changed drastically. Right now unfortunately the game seems to have taken a turn I don’t exactly like. The past few days have been about being uber, and not about just having fun. Aspects of them, at least. I’m looking forward to hanging out with Nostalgia in Dulak on Friday, and I’m hoping this feeling goes away.

I was also supposed to make some spells last night, but that didn’t exactly work out. Of course now Kameeko’s bags are filled with various gem tid bits and she’s got no room to store any of it. Let alone research components. I wanted to make my mass enchant dwerium spell, which has an 8 hour timer. I dislike spells with timers. That’s alright though, some how I’m sure I’ll manage.

After all that was done, I spent a few minutes farming in Dulak – nothing dropped, then I noticed Gnewton was leveling in guild (an enchanter) and what better way to ensure I get myself some future enchanter buffs then by helping him out! So I relogged to Qutey Patootie (my halfling druid) and we set out for Stone Hive. By the end of the hour or so we’d spent there, I gained 5 levels.

Wow. Not bad. Nothing dropped there, either. However, we were luck enough to be trained by some higher level folks running through the zone. How nice was that. They were probably not used to lower level people actually being around in a zone (it’s a hot zone though, it’s not THAT rare to find people meandering around) though in the back of my mind the least they could have done was /ooc that there was a train incoming. They didn’t just train us once, no, they trained us twice. Thank goodness we had Krann there to save the day and help us dps down all those mobs.

Oh yes, amusing screen shot of the night. Those red glowing “eyes” pictured above, are actually Gnewton’s pet’s hands. He’s invisible, and all I saw for the evening was those glowing red hands floating around. He managed to get a few levels as well, ever closer to our Friday Nostalgia group. I’ve got to admit, his enthusiasm for the whole ordeal is quite contagious. Just ignore the fact that his corpse is also pictured there in the screen shot. It didn’t hurt, much.

I have to buy spells, for Ishbel, Minxe, and Qutey, and probably even Satia. I haven’t bought any of them anything for the past 20 levels or so. I’ve been so busy doing other things and working on other stuff. I love it. Sure a good portion is simply because I have multiple alts to work on, but I absolutely adore having stuff to do in game. There’s always something to get done. It’s a feeling that I haven’t had for a very long time. I realize I say that a lot, but hey, it’s true.

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  1. Gnewton says:

    Okay, I just about shot Mountain Dew out my nose for that comment! 1 pt Urtog :)

    I had a blast last night and if I didn’t have to get up at 4:45am to get ready for work, I could have stayed much later. Gozad could have joined us and with his monkness, we would have cleaned house… or hive for that matter.

    Thanks for the kind words Star. My enthusiasm is fueled by you, Tipa, and the rest of the gang. I haven’t been a part of a guild like this in years. It is extremely refreshing, inspiring and to a point… intoxicating. I truly can’t tell you how excited I am for Friday. I’ll be on Vent (though I might not say much /blush) too. One a side note, my wife has been bugging me to get on vent so she can listen in too! I think she might get bitten by the bug at some point… I know she would love to hang out with everyone.

    Thank you again. You have been a wonderful help to my re-transition back to EQ. I can’t wait to see how our adventures unfold for however long of a time we have together!


  2. Urtog says:

    I had a pretty good evening as well! Thanks for the jewelry, this stuff is simply amazing! I’m looking forward to being healed by you in Dulak’s on Friday. I dig a girl with very large, heaving mana pools.

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