How Things Change

This a very easy zone to get awesome exp. There are usually enough for a pick up group, but bringing your own wouldn’t be a bad idea. The key is to sit on top of the first hill staright ahead of the building that contains the NL zone, the hill with thr huge boulder on top. Have someone be a designated puller and just pull Greyhoppers and any stonegrabers. These con red for groups in mid twenties but easy kills. They will spwan super fast.

Just the other day I had a group consisting of SK(me), Ranger(puller-great zone for them too), Beastlod, Shaman, Necro, and Bard. The experience was awesome. I got two levels in 3 hours.

– Talking about Marus Seru, in 2006

Oh how things change. The above quote came from a reply in allakhazam, that just made me giggle. That was the EQ1 I remember. When it took three or four hours to get a level. Here they’re going on about how awesome the experience was. Last night an impromptu Nostalgia gathering took place for most of the evening, and we gained so many levels it made me dizzy. My druid went from level 37 to 43 in the amount of time we played. Tipa came with her necro and gained a crazy number of levels as well. Sev, Said, Gozad, Binxs, and Gnewton, we all had a blast. The pulls were steady (and constant) and aside from a break here and there when people had to afk, I don’t think we slowed.

It helped to get people caught up for tonight’s meeting. Gnewton especially, who deserves a medal for working so hard to get caught up to us, and no I’m not just saying that because he’s an enchanter and I’m looking for mind candy. Gozad left early in preparation for packing and moving to his new house, but even he benefited from the plentiful experience before that. I didn’t dare play Ishbel, she’s already level 47. It was great fun to play the druid though, a character I rarely expected to play again. She’s severely out of date in everything from gears to spells, wearing batfang headbands and wolf fang earrings, the only things I could afford way back when. It was refreshing to play her, I’d missed it a great deal.

That’s how my evening was spent, and it was wonderful. Chattering to friends about everything on vent, exping in a hot zone, getting some coin and lots of levels.

Before that I made Tipa a set of jewelery, which hopefully came in handy, and after that was done I took Qutey and Ishbel and bought / organized the last 20 levels worth of spells that I’d been neglecting. I found it amusing that as soon as I got Qutey caught up with her neglected spells, I went and gained 6 more levels, which of course meant even more spells to buy. Druids get an insane amount of spells, good grief. Granted, a lot of those are port-type spells, but still. It’s crazy.

Hopefully I’m all set for this evening. I’ll move Ishbel over to Dulak later on in the day. After being in the zone for the past two weeks or so, I’m wondering when I’ll start to bore of it. The answer to that is quite simple I suppose. As long as I’m with good friends (ie: Nostalgia) I won’t. I’m hoping this weekend goes as great as last weekend did. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ishbel will be switching to aa experience very shortly and that the plethora of alts I have will also all be gaining levels before too long. Ah, good times.

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  1. Gnewton says:

    Last night was great fun! I got a little worried when the melee types took off after I showed, up… but Tipa came through in style! Between her and Binxs pulling, we were a Dulak slaughtering machine. I feel sorry for the boats and rest of the zone tonight :) Wait, no I don’t!

    Thank you again for the kind words Star! I’ve had a great time catching up to the crew and now I can worry about coming into my own as a chanter. I realize we didn’t really need me to mez the mobs last night, but I have to get in some practice! I’ve never played a chanter before now and I have to get used to targeting, debuffing, and slowing each and mob. With this crew though, I may just turn into buff bot :) Ah well, at least I’ll look damn good doing it!

    Can’t wait for a fun filled night in Dulak!!! Cya tonight!

  2. Urtog says:

    Looking forward to hitting the 30 AA cap in about 4 hours with you. =)

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