Uber is as Uber Does

I’ve never been uber before, in any game. Not by the uber people’s standards at least. I’ve never really cared about gear or what zones I’ve been key’d for or anything like that. What I have cared about is knowing my class, knowing how to play, inside and out. Even then there’s always room for improvement. I like knowing little tid bits of information that no one else would find useful. I know most of the short cut key commands to UI features just because.

Anyhow. My cleric, Ellithia is by no means uber. She’s three years out of date and there’s no way she could keep up with anything ‘current’. She’s got a tiny little mana pool – which I’m going to work on. Yesterday I spent some time with her in the Nest, which is a DoN (Dragons of Norrath) zone off of Broodlands. I managed to get from 31% exp to 90% exp which I was of course just tickled pink over. I really am eager to continue leveling her and see where I can get her. Maybe even work on my 1.5 (now that would be amazing).

In my travels down memory lane, Einhorn linked me this site, for PoM (Plane of Mischief). There’s some confusion as to when PoM was revamped, if it’s still revamped, or back under the ‘old’ layout. I don’t even know if the PoM I am used to is the revamped version or the regular version. Servers are down today for their 8 hour patch and won’t be back up until after 4pm EST – so I’m twiddling my thumbs contemplating things in the mean time. I’d like to take Invis (the rogue) out there to scope things out and see what it looks like, affirm in my mind that everything is as I’ve left it.

If things have changed, well. I can’t exactly blame SOE — oh wait, yes I can! If a zone is not broken, don’t fix it!

I’d like to organize some ‘old’ world exp running for higher level Nostalgia characters – since now almost everyone has one moved over to Luclin. The majority of us are out of date in gear and I’m not so sure we’d be able to stand up to the newer content, but there’s no reason we can’t go traipsing through the old world stuff. Even if Nostalgia itself is planning on doing that over time. I know, I’m impatient eh.

I still have two character slots, and have been contemplating what I want to make. I’m also contemplating closing down station access, and boxing in EQ1. I have two other EQ1 accounts, void of characters – and that would mean a lot more alts.

*Gets side tracked by something else and forgets where this post was going* Ah well, good enough ending for now..

4 Responses to Uber is as Uber Does

  1. stargrace says:

    It’s just a shot from eqplayers.com, logged into my account and clicked ‘characters’

  2. Graktar says:

    Where is that screenshot from? It doesn’t look like the standard EQ interface, is that a mod or from a website?

  3. Gnewton says:

    As I told you before, I’m totally game for anything. While I would like to be able to farm stuff for our progression crew (and I will), there are evenings when I want to just log in and go keel some stuff. Whether that means solo or in a group, I’m good either way. As long as I have Nostalgia to talk to, I’m good :)

    I have my BST over on Luclin now, but I’m REALLY thinking about moving my necro, Thanlar, over as well. I’ve always been drawn to the necro and his ability to solo. Primarily, I could use him during the week when I only have a an hour or two to play… but I can also use the bst to do the same. Heh, I’m getting side-tracked too!

    I’ll be curious to see how your scouting mission in PoM goes :) Great zone with oodles of fun!

  4. Urtog says:

    You should 5-box all wizards. Nothing’s going to fucking withstand 5 ultra-mega-super nukes.

    It’s an impossibly awesome plan, and you know it.

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