Newtfish, Nukette, and Grieg

I love those little time capsule moments we leave behind for ourselves” – Einhorn

Those words could not be more true. Pictured above is Newtfish – a name I created from an inside joke between myself and my former EQ1-buddy, Fistinyereyes. I’ve mentioned him before, I know. Anyhow. We used to duo, and I’d box my clr / rogue and he’d box his bst / druid. We were owners of old world zones, and on our frequent list of named to kill, was Grieg Veneticus, farmed for all his phat loots. We weren’t even sure we could duo it just the two of us. The first time we did was painful, especially since both of us forgot that Grieg blinds. We did it though, and on the first kill he dropped a nice haste belt for Invis, and the horse mount he has which we sold.

After some time, we ran out of ‘useful’ gear from him for our mains and even our higher level alts. So we each created a level 1 character. Mine was Nukette, a gnome wizard, and his was Newtfish, a gnome magician. We some how (I don’t even know how) managed to run them to Grieg’s End. I think we ended up using a druid port to DSP (Dawnshroud Peaks) and then running (invis) along the wall. Once we were in the zone, it was simply a matter of sacrificing ourselves, giving the group consent to drag our corpses, and rez’ing within Grieg’s room.

Newtfish is decked out with four pieces of gear from Grieg, and Nukette had her four as well.

Anyhow, the point to this whole droning story? I logged into my old account (since I’ve decided to box, I’ll be moving Ellithia back over to that second account and I’ll have a clr / ench combo, or a rogue / clr combo or whatever else I feel like playing). Low and behold, there was Newtfish. Exactly as I’d left him. Standing in Grieg’s End, in the room just before him. Since the servers had also just come up a few hours before – he was actually UP too. A flood of memories came rushing past me.

When I left EQ1 for EQ2, it wasn’t intentional. I had no plans of ever leaving the game. In fact I’m pretty sure I was one of those people who spoke adamantly about not leaving the game ever. I bought the game though, the day after it released, played for an hour or two and was hooked. I played it off and on for three years between multiple other mmo’s before settling back down here in EQ1, and for now at least here’s where I’ll stay. EverQuest offers me things that no other mmo can offer. The complexity and comfort that I find within the game, and the very unique (and wide spread) character customization through alternative advancement (aa) is just incredible. The crafting (while annoying at times) is exactly as I wanted it to be, and with aa I know it will only get better.

This Friday Nostalgia will be heading to Kaesora. I admit now, I haven’t been there very frequently. A few quests took me into the zone and I don’t even recall what for any more. I remember getting stuck down there I believe on my rogue when she was just tiny. Spiders that liked to maul her. That is, if I’m thinking of the right zone. I remember ruins beneath the FoB (Field of Bone) and ghosts and other goodness. I want to say I was camping a sword or something in the zone, but who knows any more. I’m excited about it, even if our local hero Gnewton won’t be there to cast his wonderful clarity (note to self, stock up on potions).

In other news – Ellithia dinged 69 last night, and 40% (two yellows, I believe?) into her level. The experience was not the greatest I’d seen, but it was steady and safe (for the most part). I spent it again in The Nest, off of Broodlands (which is off of Lavastorm, a DoN zone). I have every intention of seeing her to 70, then stopping to work on a good chunk of aa. Once I hit 300aa or so with her I’ll move up to 75, and then aa again. I’m also going to look into her cleric 1.5, how can I not! I’ll be attempting the same with kameeko, though I’m not sure yet how that will go. Getting back into the game has been wonderful (as I’ve said time and time again now) and there’s just still SO much to do.

Yesterday as I boxed I was impressed with how smoothly things were running. I play both accounts on the same computer (windowed) and then alt tab between the two. I noticed if I left the background character stagnant for too long (we’re talking hours here) there was a little lag as I tried to move around. It would clear up as I tried to move the account around, so that’s good. I used to love boxing, and while I do also just simply love playing the game with one character (as I will on Friday) there’s something to be said for accomplishing things in that manor. In fact, I’d say a large portion of EQ1 players have resorted to boxing. Be it duel, or 5 or even more. Over the years as people have left the game for their various reasons, it only makes sense that some would turn to this method of game play so that they could still accomplish what they wanted to do without the hassles of having to LFG for hours, or finding people in their time zone.

Two more days until the Medieval Festival – I am so excited. It’s going to be a blast. Expect lots of pictures when I get back!

3 Responses to Newtfish, Nukette, and Grieg

  1. Gnewton says:


    Now THAT was funny!

  2. Urtog says:

    I wish to make a revision to my statement, they are not snow-boots. On second glance they appear to be made of gray caterpillars.

  3. Urtog says:

    this picture just looks like a tiny version of Walter Matthau wearing snow-boots and attempting to start up a game of shuffleboard with a purple genie who also happens to be a wrestler.

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