Katta Castrum

“Katta Castrum was built to house the sickened leader of the Combine Loyalists, Tsaph Katta. It was once above water and connected to several areas housing Norrath’s endangered races, the Shissar, Sphinx, and Kedge. Experiments on the Kedge triggered the wrath of the Ocean Lord, Prexus, who sunk the city into the ocean. While it sunk, the magic of a great artifact was used to protect the city and bring air to it.

Homes were built for the endangered races, but over the years those races began to see the Loyalists as jailors. This is especially true for the Shissar, who broke through to Katta Castrum and began to destroy it. The Loyalists have defended the central part of the city, but fear they may lose it all soon. Not only the Shissar threaten them, but the artifact in their city has begun to weaken, allowing water to seep through their barrier of protection…” – Allakhazam

Yesterday it was time for a good ‘ol EQ1 experience grind. Which meant looking for a group, buffing up, and sitting at a camp for hours on end. Katta Castrum (which I had never been to) was the destination, and the Green House was the camp. In the hours I was there (boxing Ellithia and Kameeko) Ellithia hit level 70 (finally!) and 7aa, and Kameeko hit 69, and also managed to get herself a few aa. We weren’t here for loot (thank goodness, because I think all that dropped was one piece of chain defiant) but the experience was steady, and we managed to do a few quests involving faction (which can later be used to get gear, or so I’m told).

It was nice to go to a zone I’d never even heard of before. Out of all the screen shots available I probably picked the poorest one to actually take, but my mind was elsewhere.

Where exactly? Ah, on the Medieval Festival tomorrow of course! I’m feeling slightly under the weather, and so have decided tonight to do the right thing, go to bed early, relax, make sure I’m all packed up and ready. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain (60% chance) but I’m hoping for some reason the clouds decide to avoid the festival. I’m most eager about the birds of prey show, and the King’s Banquette with the entertainment to follow. I should get there around 1pm or so, and be staying until midnight. It’s an hour drive there and back – but so worth it!

The only way it could be any more fun is if I were going with a bunch of my friends (who would undoubtedly get into so much trouble it would make me simply shake my head at them). Someone mentioned that I should organize a trip to Disney World for Nostalgians which actually didn’t sound like THAT bad of an idea. It comes in handy that my Mother is a travel agent. Something to ponder in the future. Perhaps not Disney World since I’m not exactly keen on that place, but some where else that’s not TOO extravagant a price.

More rambling once I get back from the festival, though it probably won’t be until Sunday.

3 Responses to Katta Castrum

  1. Urtog says:

    Let me know if the idea of a Nostalgia RL meeting ever comes to some kind of fruition. If I have vacation time I think it would be fun to meet up.

    Particularly to meet Malfi *wink* yooohoooo!!

  2. Coldheat says:

    Man I can not tell you how much I enjoy your blogging. This is just outstanding story telling and with such passion as well as deep substance. Keep up the good blog.

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