Another 80

The image hasn’t been updated last I checked, but this is the ‘crest’ that SOE was promoting for EQ2 for their whole living legacy thing going on this summer. Silhouette, managed to hit level 80 today running through Sebilis, helping a friend out with the templar epic quest. Which was not fun, might I add. Well, ok it was fun but it was a lot of running around and a lot of killing trying to clear to get to places.

I gave up on the warden epic for now, it’s a lot of camping, and a lot more faction work. 40 faction quests or so just for one portion. Ew. We’ll see where I go with that one.

Once I hit 80 with the coercer, I attempted to start her epic, too. She got a little further then the warden but not by too much. She needs to kill 20 fishmen in Chelsith, which means a group – actually, it doesn’t NEED a group, but I’d be far better off with one. I managed to solo three of the little fishmen buggers before zoning out – which resets the counter.


So now a little time has gone by, and I’m in Karnor’s Castle, camping a named Drolvarg for the warden epic. Hopefully, I finish an epic on someone, some day. The hardest part of the warden epic is the +40,000 faction I need with the Reet folks. Not looking forward to that, and looking at the list of 21 Kunzar Jungle quests Arysh still has on her, I didn’t look forward to any of those quests. I’m not even sure how she managed to get to 80 not doing her Kunzar Jungle quests, nor her Jarsath Waste hammer quest, and I didn’t finish the wastes hunter chain of quests either. When RoK first came out I think the experience was better then what it’s sitting at currently, but maybe I imagined that.

Five place holders now, Drolvarg Lookout being the place holder for my epic update. Yawns. Only a few more hours here, I’m sure.

I’d almost rather be in Chardok or some other place a little more exciting.

3 Responses to Another 80

  1. Taymar says:

    I did Synod Reet to ally on the ranger, it’s really not so bad now. Details are here: but the main thing to know is that the repeatables are 5k each now – so get a good group of people that want faction and you can get it in an afternoon by running back and forth, rather than focusing on the quest lines (although they are more fun than mindless killing).

  2. Mythokia says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever want to step into Chardok again. The place scarred me for life when I was doing my Wizard epic in pick up groups.

  3. Kasul says:

    Grats on *two* dings to level 80!

    I’ll catch up to you soon then you’ll have some help on those epic camps! You may still have to tank though…

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