One of THOSE Nights

Yesterday was supposed to be Nostalgia, and I was excited about it. Then IT happened. What was IT? Well, I assume a service package from windows though I’m not exactly certain even now. Whatever IT was, prevents me from logging into EQ1 and staying connected. I manage to make it as far as the character select screen before it disconnects me happily. I spent 8 hours yesterday deleting, reinstalling, installing, moving, and trying solution after solution to no avail. I did manage to get in briefly, only to be disconnected and kicked out. Again. For now I give up. Thank you to the guild mates who have been patiently offering me solutions.

So after 8 hours of frustration I logged into EQ2, and was asked if I wanted to head to Runnyeye with Arysh. The run the day before was pretty sad, with nothing but caster loot dropping. This time was improved, but not by a great deal.

Most of the loot that dropped was chain this time. Arysh did manage to land herself a new buckler. It has less power then the one she was wearing before, but it does have + to heals, heal crit, and faster casting beneficial spells. Can’t go wrong with that. We also discovered there are three other quests for this zone scattered across Norrath – aside from the two within the zone. There’s a quest in Butcherblock at one of the Dwarven outposts, another in Maj’dul close to where you’ll find the silver dragon, and a third in enchanted lands in a room along the wall that stretches across the lower half of the zone. Each quest requires you to simply kill one of the named.

The rewards are much like the rewards for the RoK legendary quests, and I transmuted them all because none were upgrades. Druids / healers got screwed on rewards. Most were caster rewards, not a big surprise. I wasn’t about to give up my overloaded heals for +30 to heal, so it was fairly easy to make the decision.

I managed to get 92% through my level after doing RE, and turning in the quests dinged Arysh 80. Which means she can start her epic now. I headed to Kunzar jungle to attempt to get it to drop – it comes from a mob with a 1-2 hour respawn timer. Ugh. Maybe she won’t be starting her epic so soon after all.

I did get a LoN loot card – the ‘Drogan Distraction’ was a server discovery, and a cute little one at that. Suppose things could have been worse. This time around we did get one useful master on the RE run, no fabled at all though. In the times I’ve gone I’ve yet to see the cloaks drop either that others are proudly wearing. The healer version just makes me drool.

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