Coercer Epic Completed

That’s right, after one day of working on the coercer epic, I completed the fabled portion. There’s no way I’ll be doing the mythical any time soon especially since I’m not in a raid guild. I am more then happy with the fabled version in the mean time though. The quest line was very simple and straight forward, and highly amusing. Especially since for the duration of the quest you’ve merged bodies with a woman who speaks to you, through you. Crazy? Of course. Isn’t every coercer? I absolutely loved the story line.

There were only a few difficult parts to the quest – and I owe my thanks to everyone who helped me out. Especially Shadowgeist, Eyenstein, Albrta, and the good folks from Siege. Karnor’s Castle was the easiest update, but after that I headed to Sebilis for an update from the lab area (which dropped on the first kill) and then it was off to *gulps* Chardok. The palace of Chardok in fact. You need green, blue, and red shard access to get to this area. The group consisted of a fury, templar, two dirge, myself as coercer, and a shadowknight. We did have a few deaths – no wipes though. Made it down to the palace in record time, clicked my book shelf, and off I went to Kunzar Jungle to kill 30 random mobs for essence updates. Gathered all those together, and the final bit I needed was to kill Drusella in Maidens.

Entered the zone with a Shadowknight, Mystic, Ranger, Conjurer, Dirge, and myself as Coercer. Cleared the zone with a few wipes on the very first named since the Conj. and myself were unable to withstand the tail lash AOE. Yes, we’re just that gimp.

Compared to what I’ve read of the warden epic (and a few others) I got off easy. No faction work at all. The mythical version is a little more annoying, I need Venril Sathir as one of my updates – if I ever make it that far. The first update is the Spider Mistress, which is easy enough.

Aside from the EQ2 updates, last night I played with Gnewton on his new Shadowknight, and Lackey, Magician. Boxed my Druid and Beastlord, and we tore up Dulak for a few hours, managing a few levels before practically falling asleep at the keyboards and calling it a night. Still lots of fun though.

Now of course I get the fun job of deciding “what next”. In Maidens Silhouette got herself a very nice new hat. Bright pink, at that. I’ve got the 75 templar, 74 illusionist both sitting on the back burner, not to mention Sil’s crafting which has been 43 carpenter for some time now. With all of the aa I still have would like to get, and quests being implemented, it’s a nice feeling to think that there’s actually things to do in game again, things to keep me busy. Of course, if I didn’t have all these alts, I’d probably feel other wise. Speaking of alts. Come on SoE, let us transfer for free again! I have a lonely Troubador and 80 Sage / Alchemist and a few other alts still stranded over there on Antonia Bayle.

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