Housing Goodness

Now that I’ve got three level 80 characters, and a few level 80 crafters, it was time to decide what to work on next. I’m contemplating between the 75 illusionist, the 74 templar, and the 45 carpenter, 72 woodworker. What I’ll probably end up doing is working on all of them all at once because that’s what I’m so used to doing. Last night I pinged off a few rush order writs on Stargrace and Nostalgia 2.0 dinged guild level 14. One more level to go and we can pick out a guild cloak design (at least the base for one). Exciting? Well, for such a very small guild, I think it is. It’s typically just myself and Kasul in there working on whatever happens to be going on for the day. At level 80 the writs give over 1500 guild status (15k personal) and can be completed in 3 minutes. Far more profitable then running an instance even if you did have a full group.

Once I’d worked on a few writs (I’m fairly close to 30k crafter faction finally with Stargrace as well. Looking forward to being able to shop a little more from the merchants) I decided it was time to work on Silhouette’s house. She owns a 5-room Gorowyn house, which has no status upkeep and is just over 5g a week in coin. Couldn’t really get a better deal then that. I’ve decided the upstairs will be a library, and so I began working on that, slowly. Silhouette doesn’t have nearly the amount of house items and books and nick nacks that my other characters have. She was a heavily power leveled character and solo’d from 55+ using the charm spells coercers get in New Tunaria. Great zone.

So it’s coming along slowly. I need a lot more crafting levels in order to deck out her house the way I’d like to. Including the faction recipes from RoK. Yesterday I did manage to get two carpenter levels though – which places her at level 45. Again, you’d think the one sort of crafter I’d have 80 before all others would have been a carpenter due to the sheer number of houses my characters own and how much I simply love the whole aspect of decorating. Alas, it’s one of the last crafters I’ve tried to level.

So for now I’ll ponder what I want to concentrate on, if anything in specific. If I haven’t mentioned yet, it’s nice to be back in EQ2. I love EQ1, always will, and of course I’ll continue to play it, but there’s just something about EQ2 that draws me back every time to make it my main game. I’m also excited about the events going on this summer and I hope we get a glimpse into what they may be soon.

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