Museum of Civilization – Quebec

Went to the museum today, took lots of pictures. Took lots more crappy pictures which I’m not about to post. That’s the joys of photography, you take hundreds of pictures looking for the right “one” that captures exactly what it is you’re trying to show. Anyhow, the museum was amazing. They’ve added things since I last went. A lot of things. Of course, it’s been 8 years since I’ve been. My graduation (prom) was at this museum way back in 1999. One of their most popular features now, is a replica of some smaller towns across Canada as they progress to ‘city’ status. The image above is an apothecary of sorts. More pictures I took at the museum can be found here.

For a Monday, it was packed. There were a few schools doing the tour bit, as well as some older groups. Someone else’ prom was being set up there also in the huge open space just before the aboriginal display which is why I brought it up to begin with. Still had a great time though, and wandering through history is just one of those things I adore doing.

There was a special Greece display there, and a warriors helm in a glass case. The concept that one day a warrior actually wore that helm for battle or what ever, and now we stare at it in awe, is just mind boggling to me. Who knows what may end up in museums of the future.

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