Bards, Void Tempests, and Licked Forks

That’s right, I did it. I had a few characters stranded over on Antonia Bayle for some time now, and one of them was my 80 troubador Goudia. I dislike having my characters all over the place. I made a deal with myself to NOT move any more unless SOE opens free transfers. That’s the one and only time I’d ever contemplate it. But as the months went on and Goudia sat there unused, I finally decided yesterday to move her over. That just leaves my 80 sage, and 64 alchemist, and 74 mystic over on AB. Those ones can sit there until SOE opens free transfers again (if they ever do).

I’m glad I moved her, I realized how much I miss playing the troubador, even if no one wants her in a group. It’s another one of those “oh we could really use you for raids” type classes that is out shone by the dirge as far as regular grouping goes. Hate transfers and melee procs seem to be more in demand then deagros and caster procs. At least from what I see.

I took Goudia around and quickly completed the tempest storm quests, deciding she needs a new set of appearance armor. The black chain is perfect for this little ratonga. I only have to do the quest *checks notes* 17 more times before I’ll have her set. At least she kills the void tempest things fairly quickly.

I also managed to get her two crafting levels last night before running out of vitality, and she’s sitting happily at level 62 weaponsmith. Wow have things changed in that direction. It used to be that she would barely get 3-4 recipes a level, including the imbue recipes. I glanced through her book and with the addition of new ‘blessed’ weapons, as well as a new proc on the imbued weapons and a WHOLE LOT more regular weapons, she had plenty to keep her busy. Now if only she had some vitality.

Organized her banks (again) and tried to tidy up her inventory. Next, will be attempting to start her epic. I’m noticing a pattern – the least played classes (coercer and troub) have very simple epics. Unlike the warden whose epic I have on hold for now. I realize the faction is not THAT difficult to get, but spending an afternoon in Sebilis (and trying to hunt down a group for it) grinding faction quests, sounds… well, not fun. I’m sure I’ll pick up on it again at a later date. For now though, I’m content to play what I have.

I’ve also been running around various zones collecting food for hungry halflings, getting fancy dishes and cutlery for my houses. The items are not no trade at least. Those quests are also fairly simple, you run around and harvest 100 food items, turn them in to Duggin, and he licks a plate clean for you and passes it your way. Can’t go wrong with halfling licked utensils.

2 Responses to Bards, Void Tempests, and Licked Forks

  1. stargrace says:

    I did move, to Najena some time ago (6 months?) I still have a few characters on AB though.

  2. Mallika says:

    Wait, what server do you play on then? I thought it was AB — did you move? *must not have paid attention and is very sorry*

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