I’d Like to, Really, But I Simply Can’t.

Have you heard? There’s new contests in town. They involve taking screen shots of your living legacy and submitting them, for all sorts of cool prizes.

You can find out more details here.

Oh. Wait.

Except I can’t partake.

In fact I can’t partake in any of the cool contests SOE has going on. I also can’t move a character to the bazaar (not like I ever would) and sell them, though that’s a whole different matter.

The problem is, I’d LIKE to partake in these events. Especially screen shot ones *glances at her collection of over 1,000 screen shots*

I can’t though – because I’m not a US citizen. That’s right (insert the gasps now) I live in Canada and that disqualifies me from even entering.


1 Response to I’d Like to, Really, But I Simply Can’t.

  1. Mythokia says:

    I can related to that feeling. Getting shafted because you’re not a US citizen sucks.

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