Just Not Right

I’ve been working on the troubador epic which has been a lot of fun so far, even though all I’ve done is the first bits that send me running all over Norrath talking to various bards. I remember reading Tipa’s post about her adventures through it, and what hassle fun it was. I read the walk through first. Whoever figures this stuff out on their own, my hat off to you. Seriously. Having done that, I got the required languages out of the way first before attempting to go anywhere.

So far, I’m up to the point where I want to run around Palace of the Awakened (wait, did I just say I WANT to run around there?) to get the next updates. Then it’s off to bribe a monk to train me around Castle Mistmoore, for more updates. I’m hoping, that I can potentially get to the portion that’s going to require me to harvest 10 xegonite clusters.

That’s right, 10. Actually. Harvested. Clusters.

Ah, the things we do for our epics.

Anyhow, the screen shot struck me as amusing. I’m not sure when I was last in Poets Palace, but I don’t remember the Dijin Master looking like that.

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  1. Borgio says:

    Only 10? If only I had an epic which required me to harvest instead of smack tons of mobs around….. wait…. actually ill stick with mine.

    Keep on trucking you’ll get there!

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