Bring on the Alts

This morning bright and early Shadowgeist helped the troubador run through Chardok, grabbing clickies she needed for her epic. Of course on my way to one of the final ones, something saw me and evac was down and in a very short space of time I was looking at the entrance of the zone again with debt (not that it matters at level 80). I probably need a group to reach the furthest one. I appreciated the help though!

I’ve got a lot on my plate in EQ2, and it’s great. Last night in one of my ‘list’ moods I wrote out all my characters, their races, their adventure and craft levels, and then made up a quick ‘to do’ list, in no real particular order. Just a general list of things I wanted to do and accomplish over time. Having so many alts, this is a great way for me to keep track of everything. Of course, instead of working on anything I listed, I made a new alt. Well, actually she’s an old alt.

On every server I’ve played on, I keep telling myself I’ll try a monk. They’re great to solo with, have a fair amount of dps, can tank some of the lower instances – and while they’re not T8 tanks, they can feign death their way around and just generally sound like a whole lot of fun. Problem is I seem to get my monks to level 25-35 or so and then I give up or move servers or switch games or something along those lines. It’s happened every time.

So I created Ysandria some time ago. Probably when Nostalgia 2.0 was just getting started. A fae monk, of course for their glide ability. Last night I felt the ‘alt itch’ while I chattered to Mayadhros, and decided to level her a bit. Then today I decided it was time to try to get the monk to level 35 (or higher if I can) so that I’m at least past the point of no return that I reached with all of the other monks I’ve played. It would be nice to catch up to Kasul, and have a duo partner for some of the solo / duo stuff if I can manage to catch up. This weekend is double exp weekend for EQ2 – but Saturday I’ll be relaxing at the cottage, with no time to play (expect lots of pictures!) the rest of the weekend we’ll just have to see how it goes.

On a side note, Borgeo got a hold of me this morning! How great was it to talk to him! It’s been ages it seems. A pre-congratulations on the 2nd kiddo he has on the way, two months will fly by!

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