It’s Always the People

Yesterday was a pretty good day, as far as EQ2 is concerned. I spent a little time playing my monk, took her through Wailing Caverns with a mentored Shadowknight and managed to get from level 10 to level 25 in a fairly short amount of time. Not to mention got a whole lot of loot which I transmuted some of, and put the rest for sale. Lower level adepts (we’re talking 1-20 here) sell for a fairly good price, I saw most for 4-10g each, I priced mine at 2g each and they were sold by the time I’d relogged to another character. Some transmuter out there no doubt. I kept the useful adepts and scribbed them on the baby monk. Then I spent 5p and geared her up since she was wearing just the newbie armor you start with. I bought all mastercrafted leather armor, some fighting batons, two charm slot items, all of her adepts that she was missing, as well as a few pieces of jewelery. Expensive? Maybe, but what’s the point of having an alt if you can’t twink them out.

Yes, I could have crafted all the bits myself, but that takes time and well, again – what’s the point of having all this money in game if I don’t actually spend it. I already live on a budget in real life, why worry about virtual coinage.

Later on in the day Malfi logged in and was talking about his vacation – and also talking about how he was working on Claymore. One of those really long chains of quests that no one does any more. Well, practically no one. It’s those quests (and older) that I just love doing and would be more then willing to get a group of people together to work on. Of course he’s 10 levels over the cap for it – but that doesn’t make the quests any less fun (or rewarding) not to mention if you’re one of those very questy people (which he is, of course) it adds towards your total count.

All his talk got me thinking about my own Claymore quest chains. I’ve completed it once on Arysh (warden) and have it started on multiple other alts all at various stages. At level 80 a good portion of this quest chain is gray now, making it far easier then it would have been when it released. Especially the dreaded SoS portions and PoA.

That’s the problem great thing about awesome friends – they always make you interested in whatever it is they’re doing.

But instead of working on Claymore or doing any other chain of quests, I logged in the carpenter and got two levels on her, pushing her to level 46. It’s my goal to try to hit 50 on her before too long at least to be out of this tier of boring crafted items. It’s the highest I’ve ever managed to get my carpenter, which is a plus. I’ll be gone all day Saturday, so I won’t be able to take advantage of much of the “double exp” weekend, but I hope to be able to grab the last few levels I need.

4 Responses to It’s Always the People

  1. stargrace says:


    Thanks Kasul =x

  2. Kasul says:

    Love that sweet sweet ‘doubt’ experience… although they need to bring back ‘anguish’ and ‘despair’ experience to round out the bad feelings weekend. /tease

    I’m looking forward to this weekend too! I have my fulginate and my bonded loam all saved up and ready to go.

  3. Gnewton says:

    Alts… oh so many alts :)

    Just thought I would point out (though I’m sure you know)… you got a nice plug over on EQ2 players :)

  4. Crookshankz says:

    Glad to see you’ve been spending time in EQ2 again (or at least bloggin about it). Gotta love the low levels and the quick dings :) Good luck on the carpentry!!!!

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