Writs, Writs, and yes, MORE Writs

I had no idea if the bonus experience was still in place or not – but it felt like it was. I had no vitality and managed to hit level 50 last night. Tomorrow is July 1st which means it’s Canada day, and plenty of people are home today and tomorrow because of it. Anyhow, I figured out that one of the main reasons I dislike crafting (or get bored of it) is because what else is there to do as you grind out the experience. Not a whole heck of a lot. Today I found a way to resolve that. I don’t own a lap top, but decided I’d run EQ2 in a half screen size. I have a 24″ widescreen monitor, so it worked out just fine. On one half I had EQ2 running, and on the other half, I decided to watch some shows on broadband. Now, the tv stations in the states won’t allow me to do this because of my Canadian IP, but there are a few Canadian stations that let you watch full episodes. I watched a show called “Gossip Girl” which wasn’t too bad. Anyone who knows me realizes that I am really not much of a tv person, at all, but hey in the name of crafting, why not. It would make it go by faster. I also have a LOT of anime piled up that I haven’t worked through yet, and began on that afterwards.

Three hours later (with a break for lunch and what not) Nostalgia 2.0 dinged level 16 – which is great because we just hit 15 late last night, and I’d completed over 30 guild writs. I went from level 50 to level 54, and 30% into it. I’m debating now whether or not I want to finish that last bit off and try to ding 55. The problem is I’m out of supplies, and sandalwood is going for 50s each piece. I’ve already spent 7p today on supplies and advance books (a few books were nearing the 1p range and I’m a fanatic about owning them all). Not that I don’t have the coin to spend, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.

The plus side to all of this is that I’m finally able to make house items that I actually like. The new screens that came out a few updates ago, plants, and pretty maj’dul inspired items like I’d mentioned yesterday. The highest I’d gotten my carpenters in the past was roughly level 35 or so. Even Calreth mentioned this morning that he was happy to see I’d made it past ‘the point of no return’.

My typical ‘plan’ is to make 1 of everything for the pristine bonus – and promptly move it into Kasul’s house because he was mentioning it looked bare. Then I grind out writs for the rest of the level. I’ve made it past the 10k status range with the Gorowyn trades faction merchants – also another bonus. Since Silhouette moved from Neriak to Freeport to Gorowyn, getting status hasn’t been easy. She left behind 5k in Freeport faction, and started over from scratch. I’m hoping to get the 30k on one crafter sooner or later (Stargrace is pretty dang close) so that I can buy the recipes for mannequins that I want. Eventually, maybe even the recipes for the respec mirror. We’ll see.

Anyhow, sorry if it seems boring, all I’ve done is grind writs today. Hoping maybe later tonight I’ll play some Vanguard, and inch closer to level 40, we’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Kasul says:

    Should I be scared of logging into my house after you gained 4 more levels? Cause I’m not ;)

    Grats to you and to our little guild! Are you sure you didn’t coerce them into keeping the exp bonus going through Canada Day? Hehe :)

    See you in game.

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