Questing the Night Away

Last night was another one of my VG / EQ2 split nights, amongst the fire works from Canada day which could be seen from where I was. Though I’ll never really understand why kids decide to shoot them off right outside my window on the street. “Just because” is more then likely their main reason.

Anyhow, in Vanguard, Growlius and I continued on our journey towards level 40. It’s inching by I have to admit but it’s mostly our own fault. We’ve been using exp potions for the past few levels and turning in handfulls of quests all at once. So in the past we’d spend an evening completing 10 quests or so at a hub, and then drink down a potion and turn them in and presto, another level. 100% bonus to experience as well with those, and unlike other games where potions may just cover one sphere (crafting, or adventuring) in Vanguard, each potion covers all three spheres – and quest experience is included which I adore.

In the last GU the quest journal went through a major revamp, one that I’m just getting used to now. It’s colour coded, and you can sort by numerous options – one being ‘by chunk’ which makes it FAR easier to tell what quests you have where. You can also display more then just the title in the list of quests – you can see the chunk it involves, as well as whether it’s group or solo, and even the date you got the quest. Our typical method for clearing these out is by chunk and sort them by level so the green (lower level) quests go first and we clear those out. Last night we cleared out the last green quest and all we’re left with are white – which I’m hoping means our experience will pick up. Ideally, that’s what it will mean.

We spent the night battling undead skeletons and mummies, and raiding an ark beneath the sands of Tar Janashir. I’m getting eager to explore something other then the bright white sands of Qalia – but this seems to be where the content is for these levels. Our goal is to hit 40 by the end of this weekend, but hopefully we’ll be accomplishing that well before.

40 is a level where in Vanguard you get numerous spells (aside from level 50 which is end game right now) and it will also mark us as being on the final stretch. At least in my eyes. After that it’s just 10 more levels and we’ll be ‘capped’ which is something I’m really looking forward to. Maybe I’ll even get to see APW and get key’d for it. I’ve never even given any thought to that.

Screen shot is me flying through Qalia, to a harvesting spot. Filled with dragons that are roaming around it’s not exactly the safest of areas, but it’s one of the best (best = quietest) places to get granite which is still selling for 4-5g a stack. Which reminds me.. I really need to level my carpenter and work on getting some sloops made, I’ve wanted a boat forever!

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  1. Anakh says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun! I re-upped for my Station Access and started playing Vanguard a bit today myself, with a new ranger. It’s surprising how many new players there are, and many of them seem to mention coming from AoC.

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